Friday 21 November 2014

Angus Steele

Lush 99.5FM

Channel 5

Shahir Saripi

SG50 Design-A-Tee

SG50 Design-A-Tee

Design a shirt using the SG50 Logo as a gift to the nation. It could be inspired by anything from a national icon like the Merlion to a national dish like chilli crab. If your entry is chosen as the selected T-shirt for SG50, you could see yourself winning the top prize of $10,000 in cash and vouchers! Get cracking and create something uniquely Singaporean for Singaporeans.

Closing date 23 November 2014

07 November 2014


05 January 2014

All seven MediaCorp TV channels are now available in Digital Broadcast (DVB-T2 format) with Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham broadcasting in HD with the rest to be upgraded to HD by 2016.

Video Showcase

President's Star Charity 2014

All MediaCorp TV channels now available in digital broadcast

Heng Hui Jie

I am deeply disappointed at your prize collection process. Just went down today to collect prizes that my brother and I have won. The staff refused to acknowledge photos of my brother's NRIC even though there was no mention in the SMS sent to us that the counter requires a photocopied version of the NRIC if we are collecting on behalf. Understand it is a cost efficient way to contact winners via SMS, but we would be appreciative if proper procedures for collection were communicated to us. Also, getting winners to bring down the hardcopy of the NRIC is not environmentally friendly. Showing a screenshot of the SMS and softcopy version of the NRIC should be made sufficient. Thank you.


Hi Hui Jie, we are sorry to hear about your situation. As you have also emailed us earlier on the same issue, we will follow-up with you to explore ways to make our procedures more efficient and user-friendly. We want our prize winners to collect their prize happily and also leave MediaCorp happily. :)

Mundo Macias

am I hearing you in Direct ?, right at this moment I´m starting to hear George Harrison´s "My Sweet Lord". It´s 6:32 pm here in Northern Mexico.

Gold 90.5FM

We played that at 830am here in Singapore!! Good morning / Good Evening!

Siti Annisa

I can't seem to be able to watch Suria shows on Xin MSN anymore. It says I can't watch it from my location (Australia). Is that so? (English)

Dear all, we have rectified the issue and you should be able to watch the catchup for Suria if you clear your cache and try again. Pls do let us know if you encounter difficulties. Pls provide info such as device you are trying to watch on, location and programme. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Channel 5

It's going to be another emotionally charged episode of Mata Mata tonight @8pm!!! Don't miss it. #matamatasg #mystorysg

Goh Raymond

I love this show so much :):):)

Fiona Tay

How do I turn on subtitles for dramas and movies? I can't find any icon to click!


Hi Fiona, only certain dramas and movies come with subtitles. You can look out for a nut icon at the bottom of the player, next to the volume icon. If you are still facing technical difficulties, you can give Toggle Customer Care a call at 6388 3888 (9am-9pm daily, including Sundays and Public Holidays), and our team will be able to assist you!

Jasper Teo

The new NEWS at 6.30pm are bad. Reporting news for the first 15mins and start talking nonsense. Why can't just report the news for 30mins just like before?

Channel 8

Hi Jasper, thank you for your feedback. Hello Singapore is a brand new programme format which integrates news and discussion. This format, presented in an interactive manner, allows greater opportunity to discuss spotlight topics which surround us. The hosts selected have a wealth of experience in hosting info and current affairs programmes, and we hope that viewers will lend their continuous support to our news & current affairs content on Channel 8!

See Kim Nai

Can you please post the recipe of each episode of 《健康误区》 on to FB? 超棒的!赞!

Channel U

you can find them in this album:

Ai Ling Yap

Thank you MeClub for the complimentary pass to watch "Lupin the Third". Great movie! We enjoy it very much. It's great to be Friends of MeClub!


Hi Ai Ling, It is our pleasure. We are glad that you love it and thanks for sharing! :)

Hayden Laa

Please have subtitles for encore telecast of 9pm drama on Channel 8 which airs weekdays at 8am. :)


Hi Hayden, the drama titles when they were first aired at 9pm carried English subtitles. However during the repeat in the morning timebelt, as the news ticker clash with the subtitles, they have been removed in order to provide a better viewing experience for our viewers. If you prefer watching the dramas with the English subtitles, we would like to welcome you to visit our TV catch-up service online at or :)

MediaCorp Cares

Hi everyone, We received an overwhelming response to our call for volunteers for Channel 8’s CSR programme, Joy Truck. Thank you very much for your support and concern for the community. On behalf of the show’s producer, we apologize that not everyone managed to be called up. We hope to engage the rest of you in our future activities and programmes. So stay tuned!

Ah Vee

Just when everyone in the social service or elder care sector is complaining about the lack of human resources , I am glad you found yours ..and lots of them too :) Volunteer Management is very important these days. Not many organisations know how to VALUE them. Yes, they might be 'free labour' but they still deserve our TLC and respect ;)

Channel 5

We're going very LOCAL & SINGAPOREAN this September on 5! Be tantalized by the delectable local offerings, with the likes of Mata Mata Sr 2, The Best I Could Sr 2, Secret Singapore Sr 2, 50 Ways To Be A Singaporean, and Fiends & Foes!

Trina Liu

Well done to promote and invest in more local shows. Bernard Lim set it right.

MediaCorp Cares - Children's Day Charity Carnival

30 Oct 2014

MediaCorp Cares - TOUCH Senior Citizens

15 Aug 2014