Saturday 10 October 2015

Angus Steele

Lush 99.5FM

Thomas Yeo

President’s Star Charity 2015

President’s Star Charity 2015

President’s Star Charity 2015 invites you to make a difference. To be someone’s hero, and change the world.

This year, the President’s Star Charity brings you the stories of beneficiaries, the charities and people who unstintingly give their help selflessly. Led by hosts Chua Enlai and Jean Danker, local and international stars like Rahimah Rahim, Jack and Rai, Benjamin Kheng, and Sheila Majid will put forth a rallying call for the cause.

Catch the President's Star Charity 2015 on 18 October, 7.30pm to 9.30pm on Channel 5. 

02 October 2015


05 January 2014

All seven MediaCorp TV channels are now available in Digital Broadcast (DVB-T2 format) with Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham broadcasting in HD with the rest to be upgraded to HD by 2016.

Video Showcase

MediaCorp’s FY1415 Performance Highlights

Digital TV - Make The Switch Without A Hitch

All MediaCorp TV channels now available in digital broadcast

Channel 5

Here's a bonus clip from last week's Rolling Good Times! Cantopop diva Frances Yip belts out to the tunes of Shanghai Beach! ‪#‎RollingGoodTimesCh5‬ ‪#‎FrancesYip‬ ‪#‎ShanghaiBeach‬

David Soh

Thank you MediaCorp Channel 5. It sure bring back memories for me in the early 1980s especially the drama that starred Chow Yun-Fat. :)

Riady Tay

Hi, I enjoyed the snippets of the history of Caldecott Hill Broadcasting Centre during Star Awards 2015 this evening. Would MediaCorp consider airing a special programme to commemorate the legacy of the Hill prior to the move to Mediapolis? I figured that it'd be rather meaningful.


Dear Riady. Thank you for your suggestion. We will be planning programmes and documentaries prior to the big move at the end of the year. Do keep a lookout.

Channel 8

It's a battle of the sexes in tonight's episode of "It's A Small World 4 国记交意所4"! Tune in tonight at 8pm on Channel 8 ^^

Mavis Tan

Lke the show very much. Very hilarious.

Jeannie Lim

tuning in to mike & joe from melbourne almost every morn... i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE u guys! & brian of coz! but the music... 4hrs is my max... haha! just for u guys, i switched "airline"... even if only for 4hrs daily!  keep up the morn craziness!

Gold 90.5FM

Thank you!! Great to have you with us

Wilz Tanner

Loving the new line up! Live the 15mins siri this morning on the muttons show!!! Weird listening to tim saying titles of mainstream songs haha! I still remember when tim went for rozzs rude awakening audition back in the days @ scape and rozz also said that tim sounds indeed weird when he says new mainstream song titles haha! Glad ur still hanging in there with it!!

Class 95FM

I'll get used to em! Lol. Thanks for the support!! - Tim

Thomas Yeo

Just finished watching the show (The 5 Show).

Can't wait for tomorrow's show

Presenters did a great job

Suggestion: get the studio audience to participate or comment live

Keep it up

Class 95FM

Thank you for making Class 95FM your No. 1 English radio station for 19 years and for making us a big part of your lives!

Albert Tan

You guys deserved it! You make my driving on the road so much more enjoyable! Cheers

Andy Lim

Where is Three Wishes EP 19?


Hi Andy, Charles and Ryan, there has been a delay in the delivery of this episode and we are working to have it up by tonight! Thank you for your patience!

Meng Han II

Hi , MediaCorp is there a part 2 for Three Wishes because it is so nice to watch ..


Hi, Thank you for supporting Three Wishes. There is currently no plans for a sequel for this. We do have lots of exciting dramas coming up in 2015. On Monday, don't forget to catch the blockbuster sequel The Journey: Tumultuous Times with huge cast including Romeo Tan and Jeanette Aw.   

Happy SG50, With Love... from MediaCorp

31 Jul 2015

Happy SG50, With Love... The People's Version 1

31 Jul 2015

Happy SG50, With Love... The People's Version 2

31 Jul 2015