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118 is an original 190-episode half-hour socio-drama. Set against the backdrop of a coffeeshop in Tiong Bahru, the drama offers a light-hearted social commentary on current topics.

The episodes have a short filming turnaround time in order to present the most current topics and social issues affecting Singaporeans. Viewers will also be invited to submit incidents around them as story ideas to be depicted in the show.

The drama features an ensemble cast of veteran artistes and fresh faces, such as Chew Chor Meng, Pan Ling Ling, Liu Ling Ling, Chen Han Wei, Dennis Chew, Cavin Soh, Ya Hui, Xu Bin, Dawn Yeoh, Sheila Sim, Sommaline Ang, Nick Teo and many more.

Debuts 20 October, Weeknights at 7.30pm, Channel 8

20 October 2014


05 January 2014

All seven MediaCorp TV channels are now available in Digital Broadcast (DVB-T2 format) with Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham broadcasting in HD with the rest to be upgraded to HD by 2016.

Video Showcase

Digital TV - Make The Switch Without A Hitch

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to MediaCorp CEO Shaun Seow

All MediaCorp TV channels now available in digital broadcast

Hayden Laa

Please have subtitles for encore telecast of 9pm drama on Channel 8 which airs weekdays at 8am. :)


Hi Hayden, the drama titles when they were first aired at 9pm carried English subtitles. However during the repeat in the morning timebelt, as the news ticker clash with the subtitles, they have been removed in order to provide a better viewing experience for our viewers. If you prefer watching the dramas with the English subtitles, we would like to welcome you to visit our TV catch-up service online at Toggle.sg or xinmsn.com. :)

MediaCorp Cares

Hi everyone, We received an overwhelming response to our call for volunteers for Channel 8’s CSR programme, Joy Truck. Thank you very much for your support and concern for the community. On behalf of the show’s producer, we apologize that not everyone managed to be called up. We hope to engage the rest of you in our future activities and programmes. So stay tuned!

Ah Vee

Just when everyone in the social service or elder care sector is complaining about the lack of human resources , I am glad you found yours ..and lots of them too :) Volunteer Management is very important these days. Not many organisations know how to VALUE them. Yes, they might be 'free labour' but they still deserve our TLC and respect ;)

Channel 5

We're going very LOCAL & SINGAPOREAN this September on 5! Be tantalized by the delectable local offerings, with the likes of Mata Mata Sr 2, The Best I Could Sr 2, Secret Singapore Sr 2, 50 Ways To Be A Singaporean, and Fiends & Foes! http://youtu.be/_0HjAciYQk8

Trina Liu

Well done to promote and invest in more local shows. Bernard Lim set it right.

Rainnie Yee

May i know Malaysia residence can watch?


HI Rainnie Yee, thank you for your interest! Currently, it is only available for Singaporeans to stream overseas. 

Channel 8

In the last episode of Food Source tonight 8pm, Pornsak brought the production team out in the middle of the night to find the dragon fruit in Thailand. Why must we find it in the dark? Just by looking at its appearance, how do we know if the flesh of the dragon fruit is red or white? We guarantee that the final episode of Food Source is one episode you will not want to miss!

Carine Choong

I like this show so much, my family enjoyed it too as we gained knowledge from this programme. Pornsak can expressed the feeling of the surrounding and taste of the food very well. The way he expressed the process from flower to dried chilli, I think is very gd for the audience to see the whole picture. Keep it up and hope to see this variety show AND Pornsak in the next season.

Siti Daliah Bte Amat

Hi Yes... I am listening to you all the way from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently in the Giblin Eunson Library. To my Singaporean friends who are listening to Class 95, have a fantastic day ahead. Class 95 u are the best! — at The University of Melbourne.

Class 95FM

HellOooOooOO Siti!! A big hello with the smells of laksa and nasi lemak from Singapore!!! Thanks for tuning in! :)

8 DAYS Eat

8 DAYS EAT ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE | So fashion portal styleXstyle.com challenged us to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. But as far as we're concerned, ice buckets are for chilling champagne in (we ain't called 8 DAYS Eat/Drink for nothin'). What we've committed to instead: buying food for needy families supported by volunteer group TwilightLOVE. We're also passing on this challenge to you. Pledge any donation, be it a tin of Milo or moolah, to TwilightLOVE by Wed, Sept 3 and leave a comment under our Ice Bucket Challenge post in the 8 DAYS Eat app once you're done.

Harlyn N Mikail

on behalf of TwilightLOVE, i would like to thank 8 DAYS eat and all sponsors/donors for ur kind contributions! Thank u and God bless to everyone!!

Stella Tan

Hi, this fri does toggle air 《中国好声音》together with the china airing time? Under which category will it be?


Hi Stella, yes Toggle will be simulcasting 《中国好声音 direct from China at 9.10pm on Toggle LIVE channel!

MediaCorp Cares

The video when we brought the seniors from TOUCH SAC @ Geylang Bahru for a stroll along Kallang River. Thank you volunteers and everyone at TOUCH SAC.

Joanne Liew Shi Ying

It was a very great and priceless experience. Though i couldnt really understand some of their dialects (as i dont speak dialect), i am deeply grateful to be able to serve the needy and put a smile on their face! :)

Channel 5

Nooooooope… kissing is NOT a new MINUTE TO WIN IT game, but we sure love to see PDA when there’s a good reason for it! Catch engaged couple, Enna and Malvin, try to win cash to fund their dream wedding, coming up at 8pm! #minutetowinitsg #mystorysg

Kris General

love this show.  


MeClub wins the Silver award for “Best Engagement Strategy by a Media Owner” at Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2014. Big thanks to all members! LIKE to applaud. ‪#‎LEAwards

Suk Ting

Congrats, Meclub. Hope you will get gold next time.we hope for more goodies, movie and concert tickets. Thanks for providing more lately.

MediaCorp Cares

15 Aug 2014