Tuesday 1 December 2015
A Career with MediaCorp 

At MediaCorp, we help our talents build a fulfilling career in a growing media company with opportunities to develop and progress across media platforms.

Through our 52 job families, MediaCorp offers a myriad of roles in Media, Production Support, Corporate Services, Sales Support and Marketing as well as Sales. And upon defining the talent’s potential and career preference, MediaCorp will channel the talent along a managerial or specialist track in the respective job functions.

In MediaCorp, our core values – Respect, Teamwork and Drive – help guide the way we work. Our Whole-Of-MediaCorp approach further reinforces the purposeful collaboration across the workplace and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and deepening of expertise.

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Jobs in MediaCorp

MediaCorp is committed to growing our talent pipeline. We have fresh and seasoned hires, permanent or short-term employment positions as well as jobs on the frontline or behind-the-scenes.

So whether a career in Journalism, Sales, Production, Entertainment, Finance, Information etc, MediaCorp offers a varied range of career choices and opportunities for talents.

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Graduate Programme

MediaCorp has designed a programme for young talents who are passionate about working in the media industry. Called the Graduate Programme, it is a 12 to 24 months development plan to guide and ground new graduates into working in MediaCorp.

During the first 12 months, the new graduates would be offered training in behavioural and soft skills as well as technical skills development. Also, based on their performance, the new graduates will be given the opportunity for rotational learning. At the end of the programme, these new graduate hires would have gained sound knowledge of interpersonal and soft skills as well as on-the-job training and development. They would also be more confident and equipped for their career with MediaCorp.

The Graduate Programme is open to final year undergraduates from any field of study as well as recent graduates, with not more than two years of work experience. It is especially targeted at those having a strong interest in pursuing their career in Journalism, Sales & Marketing, TV Programming and Production and Broadcast Engineering.

For the annual Graduate Programme intake in July, applications open in February. Please visit mediacorp.sg/careers for updates on Graduate Programme recruitment.

Internship in MediaCorp

MediaCorp also offers internship programmes to students who have a passion and aspiration to work in the media industry. Participation is generally for students in their penultimate year of study and where an industrial attachment is required/ approved by the school.

The MediaCorp internship provides students with meaningful training. Tasked with real jobs with real responsibilities, the exposure gained is relevant and practical; and the skills sharpened and acquired will be extremely valuable.

For internship applications, local tertiary students may contact their Career/Industrial attachment offices in the respective institutions.

How to Reach Us

MediaCorp participates in several career related events. With a strong campus relationship, our successful collaboration is evident in local school career fairs, networking events, talks and visits. Our career showcase is also present at industry related career fairs and talks.

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