Monday 21 April 2014
Star Awards 20

Star Awards 20

Star Awards, the most anticipated event in the local entertainment scene, will be held on 20 and 27 April. This year marks the 20th instalment of the Star Awards. The umbrella title for all related programmes will be prefixed by ‘Star Awards 20’. The theme ‘LEGACY’ will be manifested through the hosts, presenters and the programme flow.

17 Apr 2014


05 January 2014

All seven MediaCorp TV channels are now available in Digital Broadcast (DVB-T2 format) with Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham broadcasting in HD with the rest to be upgraded to HD by 2016.

Video Showcase

Lily Goh named winner of 2014 Singapore Woman Award

Channel NewsAsia to bring attention to success stories, issues facing women

All MediaCorp TV channels now available in digital broadcast

Agnes Ng
Hi xinmsn! The right arrow is still not working! Cannot scroll to the next page for more programs.. Hope that you're working on it and prolong the shows that will be taken down after 7 days (e.g 天下父母心)! Thank you :) (中文版)
Hi this issue has been fixed.

Channel 5
Loved the previous episode of The Noose? We have more lined up for you! Join our Noose anchors BB See, Adrianna Wow and Xin Huahua as they bring to you more irreverent news bulletins and issues of the day!

Peter Oei
The current episode is not the same as the earlier ones it is quite a bit boring

Channel 8
It's a strong start for #CLIF3 with some 904,000 viewers tuning in to last night's debut, the highest debut results achieved for the #CLIF trilogy and 9pm dramas this year! #CLIF3 and Rui En also trended on Twitter in Singapore and worldwide last night, thanks to all of you out there ^^ Do continue to tune in as the plot thickens and more characters appear ^^

Jo Chen
It's the hard work of all actors and staff involved in CLIF3 that result in high viewership, not solely on one actor alone.

Paolo Magni Koh
Lovely radio station... Hi from Italy

FM Hello! Thanks for listening!

Késsler Neo
Hey guys, your transmission was terrible last night; there was so much disruption in the music and I had to switch stations. Not sure what the problem was but hope you guys can remedy this!

Class 95FM
Hey Kessler, Thanks for letting us know.

Koh Jia Hui
Why is Episode 5 of C.L.I.F. 3 not out yet?

Hi Jia Hui, episodes are scheduled to be released at 9pm, 7 days ahead of free-to-air!

Channel 8
An article to summarize the good and bad (mostly good) points of "The Caregivers". Did you like it as much as we did?

Dickson Ng
The whole platoon of army guys went to rest room and glued to the tv because of this drama.

Wilson Gao
Hi Meclub, I need to feedback about the redemption. Hope there's redemption on Saturday between 10am to 1.30pm. Because most of the people especially those who work office hours doesn't have time to redeem. Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback.

Jason Erwin
Just finished a radio course at the Singapore Media Academy. Great to rekindle a passion for radio and music I've had since being a kid. Demo tape with the powers to be. Is Singapore ready for an Aussie boy to hit the airwaves? Fingers crossed!

Singapore Media Academy
Dear Jason, we are so happy that you have attended our Radio Academy here at SMA :) Good luck and we are looking forward to hearing your voice on our local airwaves!

Dekang Lee
Hi Xinmsn, why is "The place we live in" not updated for 2weeks already?
Sorry about it, we are putting up ep 12.

Hi! Would it be possible to upload 孩有明天1 & 孩有明天2 on mediacorp collection ? i love 孩有明天. hope to rewatch it again. thanks!

Hi there, thank you for your feedback! There are plans to release these two drama series in the future but we have yet to firm up a release date.

Channel 5
1 more hour to the ‪#‎thenoose at 8:30pm! WooT!!!

Kuek Ming Feng
Noose is so funny and I like to watch

Thomas Ang
love the "upgraded" web radio player with new features and superior music quality...IT DOESN'T PLAY AT ALL!!! well done...

Gold90.5 FM
Hi Thomas, Thanks for notifying us.

Jess Wee
There is some "sudden" maintainence going on to Toggle yet not being announced. No updates or whatsoever mentioned. What a disappointment! :(

Hi Jess, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Poon Jing Shiuan
Where's the Rock Hour? Initially it was 2-4pm, then 5-6pm. And now ?

Hi Jing Shiuan, Rock Radio has been temporarily discontinued.

MediaCorp Channel 5
Good Monday morning!! Don't forget to rush home in time for the 2nd last episode of Code of Law at 8-930pm!

Ho Qinyuan
I can't wait for the finale of Zero Calling! Plz put the Zero Calling finale on Toggle-it-First and let us watch it for FREE in advance!

MediaCorp Channel 5
Don't miss this episode of SPOUSE FOR HOUSE at 8pm! What is Soo Leng up to again? Find out for yourself later tonight ;)

Mt Junior
Nice, Funny show! Hope to rush home in time, to catch it!

Chia Rong Yuan
I went to your catch - up TV Website. When I reached the website I moved my mouse to the browse TV Programmes hyper link but then when I clicked on the hyper link nothing happened at all. Also, when I scrolled down to the Channel 8 Section to locate the catch - up program that I want to watch I wasn't able to click on the next page.May I know what exactly happened? Thank you.
Hi there! The site is working fine now.

Johnny Stead Jr
I LOVE VERNETTA LOPEZ & TIM OH, THEY MAKE ME MISS RADIO WHEN I AM NOT LISTENING TO RADIO. If I can afford, I will make them DJ for me everytime I have a function.

Gold90.5 FM
Thank you Johnny! - Tim

Asc KL
Hi I am currently watching the drama video (HEROES IN BLACK 我来也) on Toggle and I would like to know if it is possible to turn on the subtitle for the video? Thanks

Hi there, thank you for your feedback.

Ng Zhen Zhou
Hi 987, can you check your transmitter output? There seems to be a slight sharp 'pitchy' sound, most noticeable when the DJs are talking. This only happens on FM and not on the internet stream.

Hey, Thanks for the head up! I'll get our engineers to check it out! If it keeps happening just drop us another message!

Samuel Phua
I have no idea how to get the Barney show 12% discount... I'm meclub member. There is suppose to be an email or something. Please let me know.. Thanks!

Hi Samuel, You may redeem the discount here

Beeleng Clara
Hi, When will Toggle upload new episodes of SCRUM?

Hi Clara, new episodes of ‘SCRUM!’ will be available on Toggle-It-First every Wednesday to Friday afternoon!

Yeo Jia Wei
Scrum episode 6 has not fully uploaded. There is some missing part at the start of the show. Please fix it. Ty!
Hi Jia Wei, the episode has been replaced.

Grace Khoo
Hi, I had favourited a movie called "Look for a Star" thinking to watch it over the weekend, only to realize it is no longer there. Does Toggle remove movies periodically? If so, I think Toggle needs to work harder on the movies segment if you hope people will continue to subscribe after the 1st month $1. There is not much point in subscribing if movie updates are slow and have a tendency to be removed after some time.

Hi Grace, thank you for your feedback.

Ong Pang Koow
Good morning Joe. Many years ago, I used to tune in 98, where u n Kow partner. I used to go by the name VictorJb . When you stop , I stop listening to SG station till now. A friend recommended me saying that the new pair is worth tuning too. Now it is my only channel I tune too. Both of you kept my journey to work in Sg less stressful n fun. Keep it up!

Class 95FM
YO!!! Thanks for listening man.

Frances Sng
Hi , I have always enjoyed the morning radio show of deejays like maggie & tim , brian & mark and vernetta & joe . But since the FD took over from joe, I couldnt bear to hear his fake laughters which become jarring noises and are torturous to the ears .. I have since followed joe to class 95fm even though I like vernetta. Please tell FD to laugh naturally ! Vernetta, you are just as entertaining as ever !

Gold90.5 FM
Hi Frances, I have to say, FD's laugh is pretty much how he laughs! He's a generous partner on air, and I think he loves to laugh :) I've had people ask me to make FD laugh more cos it's infectious - I guess to each his own? Thanks for listening though and I hope you come back to Gold! ~ Vernetta

Ching Ting Lo
Listening to 987FM now. MIDNIGHT MEMORIES JUST CAME UP WOOOT! This made studying SO MUCH EASIER! <333


Narasimha Bhattar
Very good very much interested programs. We love to listen.

Oli 96.8FM
Good Morning! Thank you!

Qing Fang Toh
Thank you for playing awesome tunes! So many new songs in my playlist.

That's good to hear! thanks for the love!

Vivien Tay
Hi, the latest episode of Chocolat doesn't have eng/chinese subs? Please fix it! Thanks!

Hi thanks for the note, we will check on this.

Channel U
Good morning! Did you watch the first episode of 《冲锋!》 Scrum! last night? Tell us what you think! :)

Hui Qi Toh
Love Felicia acting! A different character she display ! Love it.

Liling Yew
Hi, I just want to subscribe to only one month toggle prime? will they auto deduct from my card the 2nd month?

Hi Liling, payment for Toggle Prime is an automatic monthly-recurring charge.

Love Preety
8 DAYS Eat.. I don't know how to participate in the contest through app.. Can you kindly advice..

8 DAYS Eat
Love Preety - Just download the 8 DAYS Eat app from the App Store or Google Play, and check out the 8 DAYS Says section for details on how to play each day.

Steve and Yvonne with Olympic legend, Sir Ben Ainslie & two time Olympic Gold medalist, Sarah Ayton.

Vicky Ang
Keep it up and keep them coming...Steve and Yvonne, thank you for bringing happy smiles every morning., even though there were bad news and sad news too.

Timothy Chua Yi-Neng
SBTRKT, Wilco, Flaming Lips, Wild Beasts, Sonic Youth. You guys are definitely doing it right. More please.

We'll keep doing it as long as you love it! :)

Marcus Loh
Hi, can you not cut the song and play your ads? Thanks.

Hey Marcus, sorry about that, it was an error with the music system! Hope it didn't interrupt your listening pleasure too much.

Channel 8
New web series 'Who Killed the Lead' featuring Elvin Ng & Jesseca Liu! This drama will be available via XINMSN & Ch U in May 2014!

Jo Chen
Omg that's a good news to me! It's been ages ever since they both collaborated :)

Ah Fred
Does ur tv listings got bugged???? How come we can't see the tv listing table???? (English)
Thank you for your feedback.

Ae Cha Ae Sook
May I ask what show is this?

MediaCorp Channel 5
Hello! The first picture is from Beauty Gone Wrong, while the second features host Pei Fen in Secret Singapore!

Samuel Chung
whats the number to text in for the current song title? is it still 72346? cant get anything through

You can find out what song is playing by using the meradio app! Download it from the appstore or googleplay today~!

Meng Han
Hi, toggle the 1st anniversary got love shake movie.

Hi Meng Han, 'Love Shake' is included in our 1st Anniversary special free movies from now till 16 February.

Paul Dorai
HI, My name is Paul Dorai,I would like to dedicate a song by ABBA, to my beautiful wife Antonette Paul.Its her birthday today.

Gold Ninetyfm Denise
Hi Paul, sure, but it'll be played just after 1pm, ok? stay tuned! :)

Symphony 92.4FM
Are you ready? Some exciting changes are coming your way! Tune in on 9 Feb from 8am to find out what the buzz is all about!

Yang Shi Qin
So excited!!!

Wei Ling Karen
Hi Gold Denise, no time to ask for songs recently. Today i want to delicate "dancing queen " to nhc staffs and i finally passed my tp

Gold 90.5FM Denise
Hi Wei Ling Karen! I'm afraid Dancing Queen has been played this week already, but if u want something similar and upbeat, I have a fun one by Donna Summer coming up I can dedicate to your colleagues, ok? :)

Channel 5
Now showing... COMMON SPACE.

Shahir Saripi
A very educational show about real life happenings in Singapore.

Han Bizhen
May I know if Channel8 is giving away tickets for your CNY show?

Channel 8
Hi, we've given out all the tickets.

Channel U
Thank you for watching 烧。卖 Served H.O.T.! It's been an awesome gastronomic journey!

Trina Liu
Served HOT is a touching, encouraging and positive show.

Sebastian Lee
Feedback: Whenever the DJ speaks or the music plays, I would adjust the volume to a comfortable level. However, when the advertisements plays, the volume seems to automatically up a few notches. Is it possible to make them the same broadcast volume?

Gold90.5 FM
Thanks Sebastian we'll look into that!

Meng Han
Hi toggle, why I cannot watch show on my android phone say missing or invalid permission.

Hi Meng Han, we recently had system maintenance, in order to better the service.

Kevin Foo
i've always been listening to Lush99.5, when i'm in the car... but whatever it is they are doing in the past few weeks... i hope they keep doing it... absolutely loving the music that they are pumping out!

Hey Kevin Foo, Thanks for tuning in! We've made a few tweaks here and there and glad that you're loving the sound of the station - we've got plenty more things up our sleeves!

Kristen Seow
i tot in clif 2 rui en & li nanxing married, y at last rui en & elvin ng together in clif 3???

Channel 8
elvin and rui en are colleagues in #clif3 and not a couple.

Akis Quiche
Rudy and Rilla show for 2014 please extend as a 1 hour show. Please... you got to understand the topics they brought up in 2013 are very important for the viewer.

Thank you, Akis.

Eddy Mus
I wud juz wanna say that Class 95 fm morning show with glenn and joe simply rocks!! There are no other radio station in singapore worth looking forward to than u guys..

Class 95FM
Thanks Eddy!

Channel 5
Coming up at 10pm in SECRET SINGAPORE, host Peifen meets one of Singapore’s last surviving Samsui woman, and visits a quaint East side shophouse that has survived WW2 bombings and a Mercedes crash!

Trina Liu
I like this show.

Lee May E
Can "MEclub "give more the 1) Lunar New Year CD + Karaoke DVD of songs?

Stay tuned for more next week.

Ryan Chan
Hey 987, why did you guys stopped having new songs since monday (6 jan)? This Is Now by Casting Crowns and Best Day of My Life by American Authors are good choices

Back this week Ryan!

Chris Rodrigues
I thought Bobby was on Love songs at 8am tonight. what happened ?!?!

Class 95FM
Hi Chris.

Derek Zhou
Hi Meclub, will it be possible if you can give as some form of advance notice for those giveaways like tickets to concerts and events.

Thank you for your feedback.

Andy Tay
Hey Denise, thank you very much for ALWAYS coming up with a nice visual to accompany your posts! I am sure it takes time, and I appreciate the extra effort you make. Have a great day ahead :)

Gold 90.5FM
Hey, Andy Tay, thanks for noticing! You have a great day and a fab weekend! :)

Channel U
Did you watch the debut episode of 《寻味地图》 A Taste of History just now? Tell us what you think! :)

Lona Hong
Very nice, film more on this type of historical program..

Say Marshmallows
When is the new drama coming ??

Hi there, which new drama are you referring to? The new Channel 8 9pm drama, Yes We Can, episode 1 is already available on Toggle-It-First!

Ck Chai
I'm unable to enter any passcode at all throughout watching listen to my heart as it keeps prompting passcode invalid/expired :(

Kindly email us at with your MEclub email address, programme title and time.

987FM (Rozz)
achtung! attention! harro! my last show on 987fm will begin in a matter of hours. as requested, i will be doing a recap of my highs and lows on radio, a top 10 list of makan places, and perhaps sing a song.

Zoe Yam
Thanks Rozz for the past 7 years of my mornings! x Graduated alrdy, but shall wake up at school time once more just to hear you on 987 one last time Lao niang gambatei!

Edwin Lim
hi morning. Happy New Year! uhm.. may i know where can i watch the countdown event @ marina bay last night cause i missed the chance to watch. Thanks in advance. (English)
Hi there, the catchup can be found here

Paul Paws
Loved listening to your station when in Singapore last week! Thanks !

Lush 99.5FM
Hey Paul! Glad you enjoyed tuning in! You can always download the meRadio app and tune in when you're abroad
Congratulations to Edwin and Audrey for winning the stylexstyle #jumpshot contest. We hope you enjoy the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0!

Edwin Ng
Thank you and really appreciate this surprise, the photo submitted was our wedding shoot, I suggested the attire (funky and easy), background and the "jump" come naturally..

BC Woo
oh no, your website is not responding ... too many people watching SEA Games soccer LIVE ??

Hi, we are in the midst of resolving the issue for online.

Rob Chang
Cheers Denise. Die hard fan of Gold 90.5 since many moons ago when there was no love the selection of songs you guys play from my era...makes my day...everyday...heheee. Happy Holidays to all at Gold 90.5.

Gold Nintetyfm Denise
Much appreciated, Rob! Thank you for listening! Happy Holidays!

Miyo Aurellia
HI, I was listening to you about the steamboat during chilly weather... and hey Im with you there! Its so cold here in London im craving nothing but hot and spicy steamboat... the ones we can easily find in Singapore and I miss Singapore so much! Xoxo, Mio

Gold 90.5FM
Hi Miyo! Come back soon and have steamboat with us!!! Check our our pics and video too hahah – Tim

Tea Joey
I was previously participating in 2012 best benki games, however I did not win the biggest prize of $10,000 last year. This year when I saw Channel 8 again are organising the beak benki games, I was very happy and email to Mediacorp of my interest. However, nobody from Mediacorp call me with regards to my interest this round. I have also email to Ms Nancy from best benki marketing to check whether I still can participate in this year and she replied me no issue. At the end of the game, Guo Liang did mentioned anyone who is keen can still join the games. My question is what happen to my email of my interest??

Channel 8
Hi Tea Joey, the number of participants who wrote in is overwhelming, so only the shortlisted participants will be notified.

Say Marshmallows
Can you upload more mediacorp collection ? I want to watch 我爱精灵 2.

Hi there, thank you for your feedback! We have forwarded your suggestion to the relevant department for consideration.

Wendy Sim
"oops now sry I can't go" yup, can't go anywhere coz Lynette Tan's on

Gold 90.5FM
Lol! That's sweet! Thankies! ♥Lynette

Richmond Kwan
hi xinmsn..will u be putting the Radio awards catch up ? (English)
Hi, sorry we do not have the catch-up rights to the Radio Awards but there will be a retelecast on Channel 5 on 30 Nov (Sat 2pm).

YueXiang Tay
Mediacrop since u guys are celebrating 50 years, can u guys put up Singapore drama theme songs and sub theme songs for us to download or buy. Because some are really nice, but we got no where to get it..

Channel 8
Hi, maybe you can feedback to to see whether they can make these songs available for all of us

Rennes Lee
Meclub why do u release some items without giving us warning before hand? Nobody has time to check it every hour! Can u please change the app to put notification of new items up for redemption! And also will there be anymore lord of the rings box set for redemption? I'll check back again for a reply. Thanks.

Hi Rennes, Thank you for the feedback.

Johari Selamat
Thank you Denise for playing Times of Your Life by Paul Anka. Just wanna share an experience - Way back in 1976, my dad got me a record player & my first vinyl was a Paul Anka's album titled Times Of Your Life...

Gold Nintetyfm Denise
That's the coolest, when u have such a treasured experience to go along with the song

Andy Poh
Yes, that is a great Christmas present.

8 DAYS Eat
Shauna, Mayrine, Sally and Andy - you guys are true foodies! FYI the chocs can be gotten from Cold Storage (RRP from $4.50-$16.95 per box).

The super typhoon, which barrelled across Philippines on Nov 8, has devastated cities, towns and fishing villages, bringing about heavy loss of life. A Little Help Goes A Long Way. To find out more on how you can help, go to

Jayne Martin
Thank you, MeClub for helping my countrymen.

Sherrone Tan
Hi 8 days, I want to get a past issue of the magazine, is it possible to do so?

8 Days Official Fan Page
You can call our subscription hotline at 64831555 or email to check if we still have that issue you want.

Qashri Huzairi
I dont understand a word the staff said when I calles in the other day!! Im so annoyed by the way they handled my questions n queries. Im totally not interested in this Toggle thing. But my mom insisted that I call and asked whats going on. I mean.. toggle, do you guys even attend training???? Do you know what u are telling your customers!!! Its like u dun know ur product. Its just the same as a chicken talking to a duck!!! Better do something about it!!!!!

Hi Qashri, our team manager will be contacting you for more information regarding your experience.

Jason P. Brush
Listening to you guys in Nashville Tennessee, U.S. just found you on Tune In Radio Android App. I truly miss Singapore and listening to Class 95 FM.

Class 95FM
Thanks for listening man! - Joe of GOJA on the Morning Express

Naray Murt
Hi Vasantham! I am based in Sydney, Australia and have been watching KA on Vasantham Catch Up TV on xinmsn. I was up to Episode 20 and suddenly the video was removed 3 days ago. I have sent email to Vasantham, but no response yet. Please re-insert the KA drama soon and also it will be great if you could let me know how long do you keep drama videos on Thanks!!

MediaCorp Vasantham
We have received your email and are checking on the missing drama. We will revert soon.

Wei Boon
Hi meclub, may i advise u to NOT announce when will u be releasing items for redemption becos ppl like Lin will then 'camp' at the mobile app for the whole day and redeem the items at the first instant, thus causing ppl like me not being able to redeem the items. Thank you.

Hi Wei Boon, we have another batch up for redemption next week.

Wee Long
Now subaru challenge has finally ended, i just wanna say thank you for the music you played that pushed me to 68 hr 16 minutes, the music you played really helped me a lot! Thanks. From : Car 7, Number : 243 987 ROCKS! 987FM

Hey Wee Long, thank for your kind words! Good on you for reaching over 68 hours!!!! That's huge! Cheers

Sunny Seow
Why made voting so darn difficult? We have to register before we can vote. So much time to waste Why can't we simply sms?

MediaCorp Radio Awards
hi Sunny Seow, SMS voting was opened too.

Channel U
Thank you for supporting last night's #FindingU #寻U先锋! Next week #6 will be Halloween theme, expect more laughters and screeeaaams! #tv50 #gameshow#mystorysg

Meltz Su Shitian
keep up the good work and laughter ..

Channel 8
Aman Shifu sure left many sweet (and fierce) memories in the hearts of the "Gonna Make It" fans, are you one of them? Now check out this interview for the funnier side of Bryan Wong :P

Irin Liew
Will watch till the last episode.

Emma Krish
Good morning Denise....would love Brother Louie by Modern Talking. Those days had curfew set by mum so could only attend tea dances and yes this was one of the song we gals danced to!! Sooooo fun ho seh leh...kam siah!

Gold Ninteyfm Denise
alamak, this one is sooo beng, we don't have it hahahahaha!

Channel 8 International
Dear Ivan, thanks for your feedback. We will share your feedback with Indovision for improvement. Have a good day.

Ivan Indra
Thank you.

A big congrats to MEclub for winning Gold award in the Best Use of Loyalty-related Technology. #L&Eawards

Youling Ze
Congratulations for the award! Cheers to your innovative technology with great varieties of rewards.

Gold 90.5FM
THE GOLD BREAKFAST SHOW LIVE BROADCAST - Don't forget to join us at Grand Hyatt Singapore tomorrow!

Imran Drifting Away
The best team.

Jtan Shang
Ch U always organized tis kind of event tt allow limited ppl just like the ZUMBA event. Sigh....

Channel 8
Jtan Shang, we have exclusive events like this, but we also have roadshows which everyone can attend :) Workshops like these can only allow limited participants so that everyone has a chance on the hands-on activities and interact 1 on 1 with the speakers/experts :)

Caleb Lee
I hope Channel 8 can telecast NTV7 dramas on the 7pm slot instead of those TVB dramas which I see lately.

Channel 8
We have no plans to air this title at the moment.

MediaCorp Channel 5
No elimination on #FirstXI this week! Woohoo!! ^^

Trina Liu
Nice gesture to share the player of the week $.

Share what you love most about MEclub & stand a chance to win a pair of Retrolicious Reunion 2013 tickets!

Nancy Tea
Meclub get me busy looking for QR code to scan and looking forward every evening for the passcode.

Zulkifi Hakim
Ok, hmm can I comment about the Suria channel? if can, I want Suria channel to drama on our past film like p ramlee, but featuring our new artis on that kind of drama, so can caught eye on younger generation and old generation.

MediaCorp Suria
Thanks for the feedback.

Franziska Aw
Hi I am Franziska Aw and I am 14 year old and I also like to watch your show every Tuesday.

8 Days EAT
Hi, Fraziska Aw thanks for supporting the show! Dont forget to use the app to find out more about the featured eateries in the show.

Channel 8
What happens when Vivian Lai speaks English and Chua Enlai speaks Mandarin? Get ready for a load of laughter when animals come into the picture, with Vivian at the zoo and Enlai at an animal resort! Catch Say It! tonight at 8pm!

Angela Chng
Endearing & fabulous trio! Enlai & Vivian's appearance is enough to bring smiles.

FHM Singapore
Get up to speed with hot Taiwan celebrity model Monica Yin!

Malim Araffad
Uhmm, fhm nw become to cheena man magazine, no other races , like malay etc or pure sg eurasian , enuf with modele n celeb , think out of the box .

Gold 90.5FM
Good Thursday Morning, Jukeboxers! - Denise

Ng Kok Chye
Good morning Denise.

Mata-Mata berkesan (Mata-Mata is effective)

Muhammad Al-Fahzan Md Shariff
I would like to congratulate Mata-Mata drama which is broadcasted on Channel 5 for its positive impact on today's generation.

Channel U
Happy Weekend! Yes, tomorrow is THE DAY! Join us as we celebrate 50 years of TV at the RACE ME to the Stars Carnival at NUS Sports & Recreation Centre!

Sg Angel
Congratulations! For many good works, continue to press on for improvement always.

Channel 5
Who's looking for a thunder-buddy tonight? ^^

Kaung Myat Htet
Honestly i would love to watch it but channel 5 really put so much goddamn advertisements, the original length of movie let's say 1 hour, become 3 hours length :S

Class 95FM
And the sun rises above my head! Super Thursday to you from Joe and me!

Sylvia Sim
GD AM, Glen! I use to listen to Class 95 but now without FD, its so boring...but you are not.

8 DAYS Eat
Thanks for all the love for our zombie ad! Glad to see so many people with an awesome sense of humour! Check out the behind the scenes on how we zombifiedTosh Rock & Rebecca Lim Hui Ling and some hilarious footage. Tell us which was your favourite part!

Sufong Lim
I think it's so hilarious! Can't help giggling everytime I see it.

Listen to Nick Vujicic "LIVE" on 938LIVE after the 7.30am news today, on Breakfast Club with Bharati Jagdish and Andre Ahchak!And read more on Nick's arrival and news conference yesterday.

Annie William-Farrell
Welcome to Singapore Nick and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journry.Your life is an inspiration to every person.

Jorelle Aw
Hi, is there anyway i can subscribe to your annual magazine subscription thru online? i tried finding but i can't find any links. please help!

Mother & Baby Singapore
Jorelle hi.

Channel 8
We caught Irene Ang and Alaric Tay monkeying around during the filming of #LaughCh8 Catch them tonight at 8pm! ^^

Juan Feng Long
I really look forward to every Monday 8pm TV8 for this comedian Laughing Out Loud.

Daniel Martin on-air with you till 11am....Good Morning everyone! Time to start sending in your dedications right now - leave your Dedications right here on Facebook or call in to 66911 938 and let me know who your dedication is going out to...Happy Dedication Day everyone!

Tin Zin Juu
I, Mr.

Don't miss Chicken Little tonight at 6:30pm, only on okto@TheMovies!

Sree Devi Siddharth
Thank u OKTO ,for the lovely line-up of movies every monday! The kids really enjoy it!

Sivaraaj Krishnan
I think your meclub ads wouldn't mind some Malays and Indians involvement. It looked like it only catered to the Chinese audiences.

Hi Sivaraaj Krishnan, We have one Malay gentlemen and one Indian lady in our MEone TVC.

Aloysius Chew
Hi, reception hv been pretty bad lately even on expressway. Been force to tune to other station. Pls work on this technical glitch.

Class 95FM
Hi Aloysius.

Mkr Hawker
Loved the first episode. I am living in Spain at the moment and to see SG food and lively/happy discussion brings back good memories. All the best. Continue to make such lovely show.

8 DAYS Eat
Hi Mkr Hawker, thanks for the encouraging feedback! We hope the upcoming episodes bring back yummy memories for you too.  Keep on Eat-ing!

Colette Lim
CNA is making too many typo/grammatical mistakes these days, it would be much appreciated if the articles are proof read before posting, thank you. It's 'More than', not 'More then'.

Channel NewsAsia
Sorry about that - we'll keep that in mind #Human

Gold 90.5FM
Get today's copy of the TODAY newspaper for more details! Vernetta Lopez Mark van Cuylenburg

Earthy Windy Fiery
The pairing of Glenn and Joe isn't a match made in heaven but I'm so looking forward to it coz I know it'll be so much fun and entertaining! Bring it on!!

Liyana Fadhil
The show was a hit when viewed fully... Yes there are some media rules and regulations. Maybe you wanna consider revising those rules. Cos these rules, you are blaming on, were done by humans not otherwise. Sick-&-tired-of-people-who-blamed-rules-when-they-can't-answer viewer

Hi Liyana Fadhil, we are not blaming the rules, we have accepted the rules given to us as many how others have accepted many rules and regulations of regardless situations in life.

Lush 99.5FM
If Lush Ceased to Exist...what would you do?

Gwee Jensen
Lush has one of the best music programming in Singapore, indie music finally had a home on Lush.

Selamat Pagi! one more day till Friday!!! Any shout outs let us know! (No song requests please)

Janet Leong Gah Young
Pagi guys ! I'm a fan of 987fm from Malaysia and I just wanna say that I LOVE 987FM ! xD

i-Weekly #823 issue, on sale tomorrow! "Like" and share if you voted for Jason to be with Zhao Fei Er!

Ng Jeslyn
just so happy about this cover! TLN that time also don't have! this will be one issue that I will buy and keep because dont know we have to wait until when then will get to see them together already! thank you iweekly! u all the best too!

Liew Wen Hwee
TODAY Fantasy League doesn't work on Chrome mobile...

TODAY Sports
Hi Liew Wen Hwee, thanks for your feedback! We've tested in on Chrome on a range of mobile phones and OSes in the newsroom and it seems to work here.

Channel 8
Joytruck has ended! Thanks everyone for your support! (:

Jennifer Goh
Hope that joy truck 2 will carry on.

Lee Fernando
Hi. I am sorry to bother you with this, but is there any other way I can submit my resume besides via the career portal? Thanks.

MediaCorp Careers
Hi Lee Fernando, the position of Writer at 8 Days has JUST been filled.

Take part in okto’s first interactive TV series for the whole family, MAZED UP, tonight at 8.30pm!

Hsien Ong
Most creative! Okto should have more shows like Mazed Up!

Fan Joshua
It was great!!! That you so much for the restful music beforehand, it really helped to calm my nerves.

Symphony 92.4FM
Hi Joshua, you're most welcome! The tracks before the exam were specially selected for those taking the listening comprehension examination.

Channel NewsAsia
HAZY DAYS AHEAD? Dry weather in Sumatra and a wind direction change could bring the haze back to Singapore in the coming days. There has also been a sharp increase in the number of hotspots there in the last two days, reaching a high of 159 yesterday Photo: View of Marina Bay from OneRafflesQuay sent in by our viewer Pauline Loh on June 17, 2013.

LC Lek
this is a JUNE-17 photo as CNA had said...

Channel 5
Right after My Ghost Story Asia, that is now showing, tune in to the season 3 premiere of THE WALKING DEAD... coming up at 10:30pm!

Mohamed Fauzi Akil
Thumbs up.....keep up the good work telecating this type of horror stories especially on Saturday!!! : ) Our Stay Home Saturday on 5 back to back!!!!!

Tiup Wisel
I was going to the supermarket and found a spot near it. But the playlist on 90s weekend was so good, I drove back home to continue the listening pleasure.

Class 95 FM
Thank you for tuning in! :)

Channel 8
#RecruitDiaries Catch our boys next Thursday, 18 July at 8:30pm!

Swee Tang Tan
Kudos to Channel 8 for producing the first sitcom in a few years, together with the show Laughing It Loud.

ValenTino Linsanity Lau
Can't stream 987TV here on Batam cause the message wrote "Sorry, your video can't streamed on your region" in the video.

Hi there, most of our content is currently only available for streaming in Singapore, including 987TV.

Missed the B.A.P Facebook Contest? Here's some good news! Look out for more ticket redemption tomorrow.

Youling Ze
It's a blessing that mediacorp came up with this rewards system.

We are at i-Weekly Beauty HQ event with Ann Kok as she shares her beauty tips and secrets with us!

Tan Cheng Lian
Goods tips...

Channel 5
We have passed the milestone 100,000 fans mark! THANK YOU EVERYBODY! Stay tuned for more giveaways on this space!

Tammy Tham
Congrats ch5!!! THANK YOU for bringing us all your programs and also for giving away all the great freebies here!!! Its great to always get updated here on all the latest news.

Emily Chuang
I used to love the Morning Express but venetta left. I still love glen and the flying dutchman. But the music is now all old and 70's. It's awful! Where's the great mix of music? :(

Class 95FM
Morning Emily.

Franda Cha Popeye
why is Frontline audio language is English? pls b serious with what all the hard work put up on Toggle… Great! would like to say i'm v happy to see that many good variety shows have put up on Toggle like Shoot It, Counter Fake and even Good Morning Singapore!! which i hv long waiting for. I think Toggle page is so much better than xinmsn, i hate to go into xinmsn, it's such a mess anda.. kinda 'stuck up' too Keep it up with the good job Toggle!!! and Thankyu V Much!!

Hi, the problem has been resolved.

Joanne Ng
Yay! You have turned one! I can't remember when I signed up for a MEclub account but I guess I was the early ones? Thanks for all the awesome rewards you have in the app! (Though usually I can't get it :x) But you let me have a chance to see my idol on Sheng Siong Show! AWESOME! Let's grow tgt! (haha)!

Thank you Joanne for your support! Stay tuned for more rewards and chances to get closer to the Stars!

Good Morning it's Hump Day! Any shout outs let us know :)

Masayuki Tsuji
Good morning from Japan, Bobby and Rozz! This week has been a week with loads of work, and much more to come...

Channel 8
Come meet our truck & get Joy Truck balloons from Kym Ng & Pornsak, as well as sponsor goodies on a first-come-first-serve basis!

Don Lim
It's great to see Channel 8 do a show like Joytruck...good job!! Episode 7 was really heartwarming and shows that the love of parents are totally unconditional...wish good luck to peishan and family...

Lim Bang Eng
Dear me club , do you have other method , to let everyone earn point , I do believe that some of us are very busy man , to be fair man , could the me club have other ways to let everyone earn point more easy point , beside keep key - in code key , as the code key so fast gone and disappoint for few of us able key in tue code man .. Could me club dept , plan to give us other ways to earn easy point everyday beside key in code ?!

Hi Bang Eng, besides Passcodes on TV, there are MEclub QR codes on TODAY newspapers and magazines like 8 days/I-Weekly/ELLE/Manja.

CV Xie
Hi toggle please take note that the episode on Talentime 2001 2nd semi final is incorrect. Talentime 2001 is yet to be uploaded and I urge toggle to upload the series of Talentime 2001. Toggle used a clip of Talentime 2001 in the TV advert but failed to deliver the clips online. I wish to compliment the effort toggle is making as it allows us to bask in nostalgia but it is the the gap in service which has to be looked into. Thanks.

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

Channel 5
Here's Meryl's video for the Social Media Challenge! She went on the streets to get people to show some looooove to each other...what a lovely gesture! Remember the more views they get, the better their chance of winning the challenge....:)

Chan Raymond
What a Great Way to canvas your New found Talents .I salute you MediaCorp.Go Meryl go

Style: Men
This weekend, are you somewhere reading a copy of Style:Men? Our reader @shahreenbecks shared this pic on Instagram, claiming our June issue is the best companion for summer. Of course we agree, but it's nice that our readers think so too. Thanks Shahreen Salleh for the kind words!

Shahreen Shalleh
Thanks Style Men! No problem, pleasures all mine! Great issue as usual.

Md Fairuz
When I was deploy for my annual In Camp Training (ICT) or better known as reservist, Style magazines were with me for the entire week. The magazines are a staple item in my packing list. It gave me the 'boost' to push through the deployment.

Style: Singapore
Hey Md Fairuz, thanks for sharing your pic with us.

Veronica Japri
Hi, my 3 year old daughter likes the song so much and in the end of song she will ask me to get the green t-shirt. Can you please advise on how to get one? Thanks!

MediaCorp Saving Gaia
Hi Veronica, we will be organizing an event this month end and will be giving out some t-shirts on site.

Channel 5
Football fans! Have you heard the news?! MediaCorp will be showing ALL 16 matches of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 starting this Sunday!

Ng Yong Da
This Confederation Cup coup secured by Mediacorp comes at a year and time that Mediacorp is celebrating 50 Years of broadcasting .

Angela Chng
Candid, insightful and thought provoking story...The cover of 3 Rui En in dancing motion is mind-blowingly stunning. I have witness everyone literally stunned when see the cover photo. Standing ovation the team that made this lovely piece of work! Only complain is not enough photos inside.

8 DAYS Official
Thanks Angela Chng for taking the time to share with us your thoughts.

Michael Lim
I got the whole bag of stuff, minus the car decal… they seem to have forgotten to put it into the bags…

Class 95FM
Hi Michael Lim, we are sorry about that! Could you drop us a private message with your mailing address, and we’ll be glad to mail it to you! =)

Nana Ary Hana

...owh ya, I got some idea. Let do some short chart. D song select by expat radio o by us. And we will vote here. Who d top 5, expat radio must play d song. How it's it?...

Expat Radio 96.3 XFM

Hi Nana, sounds like an awesome idea! Thanks for the suggestion.


Zamani (Slam) serenading his everygreen ballad Geremis Mengundang! Wooo! Tune in to #projekkasih now LIVE and keep calling in those charity lines! #mystorysg

Sha Sha

the show was good..! appreciates to all those who do the donations..

Channel 5

From Tan Ah Teck's family living UNDER ONE ROOF, to the yellow boots contractor PHUA CHU KANG... TELL US! Which is your favourite local comedy throughout these years?

Marzita Bte Sambiri

Definitely we do enjoy the Phua chu kang Gurmit Sing.

Daryl Neo
Thanks Channel 5 for making RenovAID Season 4 a success :) Do hope that you guys would retain the current host, Paige Chua, if there is another season as she is indeed a great host and is seen to relate well with the needy families.

Channel 5
Glad you enjoy the show and Paige in it Daryl :)

Wendy Shen
So can't wait to catch this later!!

Style: Singapore
Hi Wendy Shen, we're glad you're all excited.

Jacky Liew
Channel 8, could you make the show 96 cafe 2 because I love the show so much that makes me motivate to watch the show. it teaches me the value of not giving up when I see chuanzi determination to never give up, it alway teaches me some Chinese idiom I can use in daily life.. The show is fantastic , channel 8 u done a good job !! Please make 96 cafe 2... Pretty please..thanks :)

Channel 8
Thanks for loving our weekday dose of coffee, love and drama in cafe96! We will explore your suggestion of having a second series.

Hayden Laa
Hello xinmsn, just wondering whether you guys can upload the FULL Star Awards 2013 Walk of Fame show instead of segment by segment which is currently on the catch up page now? Thanks :D (English)
Hi Hayden, for walk of fame, we wanted to make available the catch up asap so we broke them up into segments.

987 The Double Ds
NEW VIDEO!!! We call it The Double D Table Talk! and we talk about KEY BOARD WARRIORS!! Share it if you like it!!!

Jacson Juay
Well done guys! A tinge of humor but you guys got the whole message thru to the audience, at least that's what I feel.

Channel 8
#96cafe Students......! We've confirmed not 1, not 2, but THREE secondary schools to visit next week!...

Jason Lim
This is a good way to promote newer artistes through schools.

Anthony Tan
I remember over 20 years ago, each Saturday morning, while I do the housework I will put on the radio loudly with lively, beaty contemporary (Dahlia Z, on I think 98.7) to accompany while i work.

Glad to hear we've been there for you for more than 20 years! =)

Amy Tan
Hi Style, tks a lot for being my inspiration to be more stylish and in style. You surely have chosen a great name! Cheers for many many more great years ahead.

Thanks Amy for the compliment and hope you enjoy the Labour Day holiday.

Gerald Tan

Hi, why are the catch ups available only in Singapore? I thought Toggle is trying to go international, unlike XinMSN?


 Hi Gerald, thank you for your interest in Toggle.

MediaCorp Vasantham

Akalya decides to be the sacrificial lamb in order for Mohan's happiness and returns to her homeland only to find something tragic awaiting her.

Rajan Chettiar

Akalya is a great drama.

Channel U

Channel U Drama 345 Timebelt New drama launch

Chan Zhiwei

 Thanks you Channel u always bring us the best Drama in our life .

8 DAYS Official Fan Page

Cover 1101 - Star Awards

Rachel Furry Ruien

Why isn't Rui En and Christopher Lee the highlight of the cover? They won best actress and best actor after all.

MediaCorpChannel 5
POE fans!! We enjoyed your company today :) Tell us what you liked and enjoyed about the EVENT today. It's important that we get your feedback :)

Lynn Mohd
Today event was great and awesome.

Good morning, it's TGIF and we'll like to share our joy with you.MEclubwould like to thank all of you for your continued support and do look out for more exciting rewards from Me to You. :)

Rebecca Khoo
cool but can u peeps pls lower the no of points to redeem the rewards? It is so diff to earn points!!! PRETTY PLEASE

Class 95 FM
Jean and Mike at the Supertree by Indochine at Gardens by the Bay

Winifried Tan
It was a beautiful night out, w amazing views, lovely people, n w u guys to bring more laughter to e crowd even after ur regular show.

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