Thursday 17 April 2014
Stop! In the name of Star Awards16 April 2014

SINGAPORE – It’s that time of the year once again. Star Awards season is here. For us, it’s a once-a-year chance to gawk at more celebrities in one place than photographers at a mugshot convention. But for the artistes themselves who have scored nominations, it probably feels a little like standing in a police lineup along with a bunch of other nominees, waiting to be identified.

Jeanette Aw takes the lead in SA20 online award categories15 April 2014

It’s the final lap of online voting with the Star Awards 20 show 1 just around the corner (this weekend, in fact). And dear fans, you have roughly six more days to make that single daily vote count if you still want to see your favourite artiste be crowned winner at the awards ceremony on Sunday night; time to make that vote count!

Julie Tan, Dai Xiang Yu out of SA20 Most Popular rankings15 April 2014

There’s been yet another switch among the boys as Lee Teng replaces Dai Xiang Yu in the fourth week of results

Shaun Chen and Jesseca Liu strike up chemistry via fencing15 April 2014

Who would have thought the sweet-looking Jesseca Liu secretly enjoys bullying good-natured men like her Blessings co-star Shaun Chen? The two lead actors of the upcoming Ch8 drama, as well as veteran artiste Zhu Houren who plays Jesseca’s father in the show, recently filmed at a fencing arena where the celebs were given an hour of fencing class before jumping straight into action.

The cast of Channel 8’s Entangled couldn’t extricate themselves from some hairy situations14 April 2014

SINGAPORE — Entangled, the new MediaCorp TV Channel 8 drama that will air on weekdays at 7pm, is a real multi-generational melodrama. It’s about sexual violence against a woman that results in heartache for the next generation.

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