Monday 21 April 2014
Symphony 92.4FM’s Young Talents Project returns17 February 2014

The search is on for young classical music prodigies as Singapore classical music radio station Symphony 92.4FM’s Young Talents Project returns.

What you watched most on TV in 201317 February 2014

C.L.I.F 2, Say It!, Mata Mata and, yes, Star Awards among the most-popular programmes of the year.

Farisha Ishak’s album marks first step to ‘world domination’15 February 2014

SINGAPORE — Singer Farisha Ishak takes to the stage tonight at Rentak Singapura, the concert featuring Malay pop artistes from Singapore, and she’s nervous.

My Fair Lady | 3/514 February 2014

The songs will have you humming along at the end of the show.

My awkward moment: Yao Wen Long14 February 2014

SINGAPORE — Actor Yao Wen Long found himself in hot soup on the set of Soup Of Life, in which he plays a humble hawker selling bak kut teh.

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