Wednesday 16 April 2014
Elvin Ng wants to start a family?21 March 2014

It’s Elvin Ng to the crime scene again – and this time, the indifferent policeman from Ch8 drama C.L.I.F 3 has transformed into a quirky detective in xinmsn’s new web series Who Killed The Lead?, which will be released in commemoration of xinmsn’s 4th anniversary this year.

Jesseca Liu tries her hand at scriptwriting19 March 2014

SINGAPORE — Jesseca Liu is not just a pretty face — she’s now also a scriptwriter. The actress has co-written Who Killed The Lead, a whodunnit Web drama for XinMSN, together with Ng Lee Ling, the story planner for dramas like Show Hand, Marry Me and Served H.O.T.

Judee Tan to introduce K-pop characters on The Noose?19 March 2014

She made a name for herself playing stiff North Korean newscaster Kim Bong Cha on Ch5’s The Noose, but what does Judee Tan think of portraying one of her beloved character’s Southern neighbours, particularly a celebrity?

Chen Hanwei stars as a crybaby18 March 2014

Veteran actor Chen Hanwei takes fashion seriously and has no qualms about spending time and effort designing his image for his roles, so imagine our surprise when he arrived dressed in a T-shirt and bermudas for the imaging session of upcoming Ch8 drama Blessings recently.

Tay Ping Hui gets tough on Ian Fang and Zhu Houren?18 March 2014

In his directorial debut for movie ‘Meeting the Giant’, the MediaCorp actor admits that he is demanding and tough on his actors.

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