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This project serves as a showcase for various storytelling approaches that Brand Studio is able to execute, bearing in mind the preferences of a digitally savvy audience, who are unlikely to be satisfied by purely text-based articles and expect a certain degree of interactivity for online content.




The digital publication housed on consisted of 4 'big read' articles, each centred on an interviewee with a unique perspective to share.

Interactive features included maps, pull-out facts and a quiz element for readers to assess how much they knew about Singapore's multiculturalism. Tabs/Banners on the site also directed readers to the App Store or Google Play in order to download the SGSecure app.

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Depending on the interviewee, each profile's accompanying video featured a mix of live-action and motion graphic elements.

The heavy use of animation allowed for dynamic narrative possibilities and helped to bring to life past situations in the interviewee accounts for which there is no archival footage.

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CNA's social media channels pushed the content out to the target audience.

Part of the content amplification strategy for the campaign involved the provision of 16 posts on CNA's Facebook page.

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