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Mid-career workers and PMETs were the target audience of this campaign, which focused on the SGUnited Skills Programme and the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme.




Hosted on, the campaign was one of the first to employ our new Digital Brand Stories format. We also published a CNA advertorial featuring an SGUnited Skills participant.

The microsite comprised an overview article as well as 3 profile-driven articles featuring jobseekers, a training provider and an employer, to capture a range of perspectives.

Client: SkillsFuture Singapore Platform:


Local TV personality Joshua Lim starred in a video which was embedded on the digital landing page. A 30-second cutdown version also aired within key CNA (S) programme time belts.

In addition to the video with Joshua Lim, Malay-speaking guests were interviewed about the two SGUnited programmes during 2 episodes of Suria's Manja series.

Client: SkillsFuture Singapore Platform:


To reach out to Malay speakers, open talks were broadcast on Warna 94.2FM and commercial spots were produced for Ria 89.7FM.

Open-talk segments ran for 1 week during the morning drive time.

Client: SkillsFuture Singapore Platform: Mediacorp Radio


CNA's social media channels promoted the content to the target audience.

Besides CNA's Facebook posts, the social media channels of Warna 94.2FM and one of its DJs were leveraged for extra reach.

Client: SkillsFuture Singapore Platform: Facebook