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Effectiveness of media channels in driving consumer purchase decisions

Effectiveness of media channels in driving consumer purchase decisions

The latest media study found that 61% of shoppers agreed that omni-channel marketing is more effective in influencing their purchase decision than single-channel marketing*. Find out how your brand can benefit from the latest insights into shopping behaviours of Singapore consumers, their choice of e-Retailers, the role of omnichannel marketing in driving purchase decisions and the types of advertisements that appeal to them.  

*Survey was conducted online from 28 November to 12 December 2022 by MRC, with 1,000 Singaporeans and Permanent Residents online shoppers aged 18-65 years old, with participants proportionally represented by age, gender and race.

58:33 Min
Julius Ng, General Manager, Media Research Consultants
Yang Zheng Han, Asst Lead, Commercial Planning and Strategic Solutions, Mediacorp
Raj Parekh, Lead, Digital Sales, Mediacorp

Question & Answer

Which platform/channel yields the highest ad recall and results for products targeted at seniors? 

Based on our study, TV (62%) has the highest recall among shoppers aged 50-65 years old, followed by Social Media (58%) and Digital (56%). There is no data for shoppers aged 65 and above, as this study only covers Singaporeans and PRs aged 18-65 years old.

Can u elaborate why Radio Ads recall is low but result in better actions?

[Zheng Han]
Observing results of other media platforms, one possible reason is the lack of visualisation for Radio Ads. According to Nielsen Radio Wave Survey 2022, 50% of Singapore radio listeners access radio while on the road (i.e., in the car / bus, etc.). This could mean listeners not giving radio ads the same level of attention as compared to other media platforms. 

Once the audience can recall the radio ads, the level of action taken is similar to the other media platforms at around 60%. Most importantly, radio remains easily one of the most affordable advertising platforms around, allowing brands to reach up to 4 million Singaporeans with CPMs as low as $2.60.

For campaigns with small budget, is it possible to be impactful without a video ad (i.e., focus mainly on static ones)?

Video ads mainly convey a brand/creative/tactical message; they are used for specific purposes, sometimes limited by the video length. In the case of Static banner ads, given the wide array of ad sizes and ad types, one can explore a full range of creative messaging and add CTA, images, logos, captions, etc., that make it impactful. Some static ads really stand out, especially ones that make great use of white space (think of 'less is more'). So, in a nutshell, use Video only when you have the specific desire or objective in mind, else static ads work wonders too.

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