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Importance of long-term influencer-brand relationships

Importance of long-term influencer-brand relationships

Influencer marketing has been on the rise in the last couple of years, and will continue to grow. Its combination of reach, credibility and authenticity allows brands to connect with audiences in a more personalised and authentic way. Find out why building a long-term influencer-brand partnership is cost-effective and important to your marketing campaign. 


57:19 Min
Dylan Park, SVP, Head of Partnerships, Leferi Inc (South Korea) 
Christopher Fun, Lead, SocialHub, Mediacorp 

Question & Answer

Is influencer marketing more applicable for just the younger generations?

Given that 89.5% of Singaporeans are on social media across platforms, there’s certainty that influencer marketing can reach a wide spectrum of audience groups. 
Here’s some platform statistics:

  • Instagram and Facebook: 50% of the audience are 35 years old and above, albeit the dominant age group is between 25-34 years old (Source: Kepios Analysis, 2022)
  • YouTube: Ad-reach in Singapore is 85.8%
  • TikTok: 81% are 32 years and below (Source: Statista Research Department, July 2023)

Does such long-term influencer-brand relationships work better for any specific industries or types of products? We see a lot are skincare products.

The key principle is to build a community of influencers with strong brand affinity, who would deliver the best results for you. One global CPG brand that we’ve worked with across various sectors has seen their cost-per-reach improved by 58%, because of their long-term relationship with influencers. Similarly, we have observed the same improvement for the 18 sectors we’ve worked with thus far. 

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