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Social Media Trends You Should Not Miss in 2020

Social Media Trends You Should Not Miss in 2020

Social media constitutes 13% of global ad spend, making it the third biggest ad channel after TV and paid search. Find out how your brand can take advantage of leading social media trends and the rise of TikTok to grow your share of voice in these special times and beyond.

Executive Speakers

Jin-Ah Yang, Content Partnership Manager, YouTube Singapore & Malaysia
Chow Weijie, Director, Reson8 Asia & UniQuirk Asia
Diogo Martins, Content & Community Lead, Bloomr.SG


Question & Answer

With Singapore entering Phase 2, do you see the content like what you mentioned – studying with me, pantry meals still trending?

We've been now for 3 weeks in opening phases and the content still trends on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. As more businesses and activities open in the next 6 months and more, the content will evolve and shift in theme, but the overall trend should subsist.

How can brands use TikTok but still appear professional as TikTok videos are typically funny, tagged with music, dances?

You'd first need to define what is to "look professional" on a social media platform for your brand. TikTok content is unique because it looks more scrappy/raw; if that is not the content you want associated to your brand and are only looking to create high quality content on the platform, it might be limited in its reach (and in serving your audience), so you might want to consider different alternatives for your content.

Was told that TikTok audience are not as of good quality. What is your take on this for brands?

TikTok currently has 800 million users globally (and growing) with the habit forming app focus on creating content that triggers emotions at a high level. As marketers that's the best we can achieve with our audience so then matching those emotions to a brand in a unique place. If the problem is that the audience is not converting – then you need to rethink your content approach on social media.

You can take a cue at what is seen here in a non-singapore light –

Beyond just content creation opportunities, are there any social media trends towards utilising these platforms as channels for selling? (e.g. FB marketplace)

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all in the forefront of incorporating markets for direct selling, as well as tracking of return on investment. This will not change, so if your business is social content specific and you have your shops connected to the accounts, that dependency on content will just increase moving forward.

With India (biggest TikTok market) banning the app, users downgrading app rating, growing negativity, objectionable content etc... Will this affect brands to rethink influencer marketing trends worldwide?

If your entire influencer marketing plan is based on TikTok = possibly. The platform should be seen as a new add on to an already sophisticated influencer marketing strategy (both locally as well as globally). Putting all your eggs in one basket requires a perfect strategy on TikTok versus anywhere else.

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