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Where Does Audio Fit In The Marketing Funnel

Where Does Audio Fit In The Marketing Funnel

Audio content is playing an increasingly pivotal role in the lives of consumers today. In Singapore, music streaming and podcast consumption is growing rapidly while radio continues to be a key media channel with 88% of audience tuning in each week. How can you use audio to connect with your target audience and add value to your brand? Are podcasts the best medium for storytelling? Discover why audio should be included in your marketing strategy.

Executive Speakers

Sadhan Mishra, Managing Director, OMD Singapore
Ong Sea Yen, Regional Head of Sales, Spotify
Charlie Lim, Music Director & Artist
Gareth Fernandez, English Audience, Mediacorp


Question & Answer

Can audio marketing be a stand alone idea or should it be coupled with social, video, OOH elements as an emcompassing offering?

It should be integrated. As with any other channel, thinking about communications in an integrated way is always recommended. There would be some standalone elements if you are thinking of progressive content partnerships, but they should also be connected to your owned platforms and some paid support to be truly effective.

With tight marketing budget, we want to focus only on 1 platform, would you recommend to channel our marketing efforts just on digital platforms?

Traditional stations have digitised too. Would urge you to look at the audience profiles of various stations as well as streaming services to take a call on which to pick. Anything which offers programmatic buying (e.g. Spotify) is a good place to start.

Is attention deficit a challenge for audio marketing?

It is as much as it is in any digital media. That’s why taking advantage of targeting opportunities and choosing the right context is important. There are some areas where audio has a bit of a leg up where you can have passive awareness as it is less interruptive.

How do you measure effectiveness of your campaigns? Which metrics do you use?

You can measure reach, do brand lift studies (control/exposed) as you would do in any other digital media, can have audio specific offers if that's relevant and be able to track them. In the near future, you can include them in Multi-Touch Attribution models too.

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