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Sponsorship Opportunities

Be the brand to help local enterprises build business resilience with Covid Business Hacks Podcasts


To help local enterprises build business resilience while riding out through these challenging times, Mediacorp has partnered with industry-leading business podcast hosts Dr Alison Eyring, Founder and CEO of Organisation Solutions and Daryl Ong, Business Communications Consultant to launch an insightful series of 12 Covid Business Hacks Podcasts. 

Alison and Daryl will provide guidance and tips on managing financial risks, employment risks and technology capabilities.  These podcasts will be promoted and amp on MeListen, Spotify, iTunes, and Mediacorp Digital, Social and Radio network.

With a publicity value of over $340,000 including 900,000 impressions of sponsors’ acknowledgement, 672 spots of brand mention on radio, 50 commercial radio spots and 300,000 impressions of MeListen audio pre-roll, this investment of only $20,000 is a-not-to-be-missed opportunity to do your brand’s part for the business community.

Offer is valid till 30 June 2020. For more information, please contact your Mediacorp Account Manager or Mediacorp Advertising Enquires at 6333 9888 or email