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Bring home the gold with Channel 8’s The Good Fight – the highly-anticipated martial arts drama boasting an all-star cast

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Take on your competitors by building brand affinity through the number one TV channel in Singapore. TX 18 November.

The Good Fight is a story of honour and redemption – a grief-stricken father closes his Dojo firm after losing his son in a competition, only to revive the firm 12 years later with the aid of his disciples. Capitalising on the interest in and appeal of kung-fu shows amongst Singaporeans, The Good Fight is scheduled to air from 18 November on Channel 8’s 9pm primetime. This 20-episode martial arts drama will target two core audience groups – Silver 55+ and Parents with kids aged 0 - 9 years old.

Boasting a star-studded cast including Shaun Chen, Paige Chua, Rebecca Lim and Zhang Yao Dong, The Good Fight is your brand’s perfect way to tap into our star power and strike gold with your audience.

As the number one TV channel in Singapore with a history of successful blockbuster series like 2017’s My Friends From Afar, Channel 8 can give your brand an exclusive share of voice during the highly rated 9pm primetime belt. Furthermore, we are proven to be 3,036% more cost effective compared to other networks. 

Contact your Mediacorp sales representative now on how to affiliate your brand with this immensely appealing show.