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Cultivate brand affinity with Channel’s 5 new long-form drama Sunny Side Up


Integrate your brand’s story into this heartwarming series and become a household name. TX April 2022.

Airing on Channel 5, meWATCH and Mediacorp YouTube come April 2022, brand new long-form drama Sunny Side Up is set to be the next KIN. Our 2nd long-form drama KIN was a proven success – reached more than 3.5 million P4+ viewers, engaged 6 million and garnered a total reach of 61.6 million on Facebook and Instagram since its launch in 2018.

Sunny Side Up’s inspiring and heartwarming tales are guaranteed to resonate with the viewers’ lives potentially attracting two lucrative audience segments – PMEBs and families with kids, with the potential to reach millions. A social drama that reflects Singapore’s melting pot culture, will explore daily struggles, conflicts and social issues faced by diverse unconventional families living in the same neighbourhood – highlighting topics from traditional versus modern mindsets, challenges faced by mixed-race families & relationships, modern-day parenting to aging population.

There is an abundance of content integration opportunities for your brand to build long-term exposure – from weaving in a brand message within the storyline; setting up a storefront within the set; to featuring characters interacting with your products and services.

Contact your Mediacorp Account Manager early to discuss the possibilities.