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Engage parents-kid duos with reality show 'Basic Mini-tary Training'

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Plenty of opportunities to showcase your brand in this fun yet tough reality kids’ show pitting parent and child in military-inspired challenges! TX 21 Jan.

Come January 2019, Mediacorp’s reality show ‘Basic Mini-tary Training’ will feature three parent-child teams in an army training camp where they will experience a rigorous three day basic military training programme.

With each parent-kid duos selected through a series of auditions to test their camaraderie, their in-camp stay will see them embark on a series of challenges inspired by real-life army training, with the challenges becoming more difficult and the stakes higher with each passing day. ‘Army camp’ host aka Camp Commandant Oon Shu An will serve as a firm but friendly face to guide the teams through the action-packed challenges and give them a BMT experience to remember for years to come.

As the parents and kids brave the challenges, there are plenty of opportunities for brands targeting children and parents to showcase their products – examples include stationery and school-related products, ready-to-eat food, beverages as well as pharmaceutical products such as muscle rubs and plasters.

Contact your Mediacorp representative for more information on the packages available!