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Get a head start with Channel 5’s highly successful Body & Soul to reach over 900,000 health-conscious audience

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Popular health and wellness programme Body & Soul is back for the 7th time with new and improved formats and entitlements. TX 19 June.

Highly-anticipated multi-format programme Body & Soul will return in June, bringing valuable insights into healthcare, treatments and therapies, demystifying health issues, educating viewers on common health concerns and encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Advertisers can also expect digital extension on Toggle for ‘Beauty and Wellness Takeaways’ where lifestyle influencers review beauty and exercise products, treatments and devices.

This is the perfect opportunity to position your brand to health enthusiasts who are constantly on the lookout for nutritional products, remedies and exercises to improve their own and their family’s health.

Channel 5 has an average reach of 1.6 million viewers per week and is 1,513% more cost efficient than cable TV. With over 910,000 TV viewers for Season 6, close to 177,000 listeners on 938NOW and over 500,000 impressions on Facebook, Body & Soul is effective in engaging your target audience and boosting brand presence.

Don’t miss the potential to reach 3.6 million people with the programme’s transmedia publicity campaign – call your Mediacorp representative and secure your slots today.