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Intrigue and engage the P4-12 audience with okto's upcoming investigative drama SNOOPS!


Our enhanced programme format and user-submitted Webisodes is guaranteed to get viewers super engaged! TX May

SNOOPS is a detective drama featuring the lives of 13-year-old Mallory Wong and seasoned forensic detective Alix Ang. Targeted to intrigue and engage the P4-12 audience group, the 12-episode story begins where Alix is impressed by Mallory’s aptitude for deductive reasoning and takes the young girl under her wing to nurture her potential as a world class detective. 

Beyond TV, SNOOPS will adopt an all-new 360 digital storytelling format, engaging young viewers both online and on-air. The ‘Ask A Snoop’ webisodes modelled after Aunt Agony columns allow viewers to send in their questions and ‘problems’ via email, with Mallory and gang picking a letter, investigating and providing the solution in each webisode.  

Okto is Singapore’s #1 kids channel that reaches 177,000 unique viewers weekly, and records high digital engagement rate of 3,500 views for its drama on Toggle. With a whole lot of detective adventures and enhanced programme format, upcoming SNOOPS is well-positioned to get the audience hooked on your brand. Contact your Mediacorp sales representative now to see how you can strategically showcase your brand within the show.