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Let your brand delight the young audience with live-action drama – Agent of Sprawl

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Brand integration opportunities abound with okto on 5 and reach 88,000 unique viewers weekly. TX 8 August.  

okto on 5 – Mediacorp’s popular kids channel – will be launching 10-episode Agent of Sprawl on 8 August. Focused on developing local content that arouses children’s curiosity and prepares them to be future-ready, the live-action drama is suitable for children aged 9-12 years old. Key characters Zayd and Meiling will join forces with an AI robot Norman to battle monsters in a virtual universe called Sprawl, protecting the world from an evil tech billionaire.

Agent of Sprawl will present many brand integration opportunities for your brand to engage and excite the young audience within the virtual and ‘real’ world. Within the real world, the kids will be training for martial arts and archery at sports facilities or gymnasiums, as well as spending a lot of time in the control room filled with tech gadgets such as computers and gaming equipment. In the virtual world, foodstuff, beverages, apparels, etc can be easily integrated within the animation.

The exciting series is sure to entertain children on both okto on 5 and meWATCH. Don’t miss this opportunity to establish meaningful brand associations with kids and their parents – call your Mediacorp Account Manager to discuss the available opportunities today!