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Profile your brand in Becoming Singapore – a two-part series to commemorate Singapore’s bicentennial


Leverage Singapore’s biggest milestone event to tell your brand story and bring audiences on a journey down memory lane. TX 27 January. 

2019 marks a significant milestone for Singaporeans as we commemorate our nation’s bicentennial. Let Mediacorp’s transmedia solutions assist your brand to connect with PMEBs and share your Singapore brand story on Channel Newsasia’s two-part series Becoming Singapore. 

Using CGI animation, drama reconstruction and rare archives, the series traces Singapore’s history from the 13th century to the present day, showcasing how Singapore has transformed into a First World Economy and an innovation hub. 

Told from the present-day perspective, Becoming Singapore reveals inspiring personal stories against the backdrop of major historical events. This is an insightful, thrilling and emotional look at the ordinary people who triumphed over adversity to forge our nation. 

Each Singapore brand has played a part in contributing to Singapore’s historic evolution from fishing village to gleaming metropolis. As a home-grown brand, it’s a great time to reflect on how far your brand has come, and how it has grown along with the nation’s progress. 

Don’t miss this chance to profile your brand and tell your success story during Singapore’s bicentennial celebrations on Singapore’s #1 English news channel among PMEBs, reaching over 900,000 affluent viewers weekly. 

Consult your Mediacorp sales representative about the Bicentennial commemorative greetings or Bicentennial special bundles – which include a customised brand story, family trailers and digital entitlements!