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Reach for the sky with Star Awards 2020


Amplify your brand with a 3-month publicity buzz leading up to the biggest bang of the year – Star Awards 2020!
Star Awards 2019, the 25th edition, was the #1 most-watched programme on Channel 8, reaching record ratings of 16.9% while garnering over 1.3 million video views on Toggle. Social media was abuzz with posts from artistes, fans, partners and media achieving a total of over 16 million social media reach; and broadcast on YouTube for the first time garnered 80,000 views with over 1.1 million minutes of watch time. This high-level of exposure allowed brands to reach their audiences at CPM as low as $1.46!

Now is the time to lock in your plans to leverage the hype leading up to Star Awards 2020 taking place on 26 April 2020. It promises to be a heart-warming gathering of top Singapore artistes all on one stage, celebrating their achievements, milestones and special moments with the winning support of your target audience.
The extensive three-month partnership leading up to the show can greatly enhance brand exposure and deepen your engagement with your audience. Select from an extensive range of flexible options to elevate your brand – award/patron partnership or let our team suggest a creative customised package developed with your campaign objectives in mind.
Fashion, jewellery and beauty brands, for example, can develop a three-part “Beauty Journey of Star Awards" series on Toggle, or event TV capsules as part of the "Countdown to the Red Carpet”, or even have your product rain down on the audience via mini parachutes during the show!
Don’t wait – contact your Mediacorp sales representative right away to discuss the exciting possibilities to make your brand shine brightest!