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Ready to Kin-dle viewers' affections?


Leverage Channel 5’s proven long-form drama success with this tightly-paced, compelling mystery series. TX 1 October.

Coming to Channel 5 in October, brand new long-form drama Kin is all set to be the next Tanglin. Dealing with the highly relatable complexities of life, love and family relationships in contemporary Singapore, the story begins 23 years ago when two baby girls are switched at birth. Can two sets of families – one privileged and elitist, the other rough around the edges – prove that blood truly is thicker than water? This tightly-paced mystery with plenty of emotional drama driven by the bonds between daughters swopped at birth and their families is guaranteed to keep audiences riveted.

The show will attract two lucrative audience segments – PMEBs and families with kids, with the potential for advertisers to achieve 3.6 million unduplicated reach via the show’s transmedia publicity.

This is a proven formula – long-form dramas have reached 3.4 million TV viewers and garnered 9.7 million video videos on Toggle.

Contact your Mediacorp representative to book your slots, which include the option for creative executions featuring characters from the series interacting with your products and services.