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Take your brand places with Star Search Travelogue


Associate your brand with 2019 Star Search Winner Teoh Zetong in his exciting travelogue. TX 18 March.
Coming to Channel 8 in March 2020 is a brand new travelogue 才华浸濡之旅 featuring Star Search 2019 winner Teoh Zetong, together with his mentor Christopher Lee who inspires him greatly.
Position your brand alongside the newly-minted star as the duo travel to foreign lands to bask in the sights and sounds of the city, head off the beaten track and of course, sample the local cuisine. The duo will be required to plan their mode of transport, lodgings and meals throughout the trip, and also engage in a unique experience related to their career – such as attending a performance, visiting a film studio or attending an acting class.

Filmed in Perth, Western Australia and another yet-to-be-confirmed location, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for travel-related businesses such as airlines, hotels and travel insurers, as well as skincare, cosmetics, electronics and F&B brands to showcase your products.
Ask your Mediacorp sales representative how you can position your brand with the help of this fresh travelogue!