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The perfect drama for your health: A Quest to Heal

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Reach more than 4 million with this Channel 8 Primetime blockbuster where TCM meets time travel. TX 16 July.

Channel 8’s 9pm Drama belt – also known as the Golden Hour – is the most coveted media opportunity, as it is the most watched and highest rated time-belt across all audience segments.

A key title on the 2020 calendar is the 30-episode A Quest To Heal (我的女侠罗明依), a fantasy/period drama with a stellar cast of Qi Yuwu, Bryan Wong, Jeffrey Xu, Ya Hui, Xu Bin and Carrie Wong. The plot is based on characters related to the famous Ming Dynasty physician Li Shizhen, writer of the TCM ‘bible’ – Compendium of Materia Medica (本草纲目). As the characters time travel to present time, they find themselves entwined in the life of Li Shizhen’s descendant who owns a medicinal food restaurant. Featuring an array of dazzling costumes and high quality production, viewers learn the health benefits of herbal medicine through interesting dishes showcased throughout the drama.

A Quest to Heal presents tremendous opportunities for partnership and product placement, particularly for brands dealing in wellness, TCM, jewellery, household products, health equipment and beverages. 

Reach out to 4.4 million uniques with our transmedia campaign that spans across TV, Radio and Digital platforms. Your Mediacorp Account Manager will be happy to advise on the best placement for your brand – be sure to move fast to secure the best slots.