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Success Story


Star Search 2019 – a huge hit with the audiences and brands

Back after a nine-year hiatus, Star Search was a resounding success. The seven-month journey that began in May with open auditions to search for the next wave of superstars was a hit with both audiences and brands alike. The talent show captivated a total of 1.58 million P4+ viewers and recorded over 1.9 million Video Views on Toggle, with the Grand Finals attracting 972,000 viewers.

The competition captured many hearts and minds with impeccable results on social media – the nationwide transmedia campaign achieved 28.4 million social media reach, 9.4% engagement rate and 4.1 million readers for Instagram stories takeover.

Star Search provided a perfect platform for brands to grow their brand affinity and reach out to their target audience who actively tuned in to watch the exciting journey of uncovering budding talents. The strong results and positive reviews reinforced the success of such partnerships, underscoring the importance of initiating conversations around marketing possibilities early. Here are what some of the partner brands have to say: -  

“Samsung is a firm believer in strong partnerships to drive business success, and our partnership with Mediacorp is a good example. Star Search 2019 presented the perfect opportunity to engage Singapore consumers in creative and relevant ways, for them to better appreciate the Samsung spirit of Do What You Can’t. This collaboration brought to life the contestants’ dreams and aspirations, and resonated very well with our millennial consumers.” – Eugene Goh, President, Samsung Asia 

“At, we help travellers explore the world in the spirit of “Live your dreams. Take that Trip.” We are extremely pleased to partner Mediacorp Star Search to synergise our efforts in encouraging promising young talents in Singapore to “Live your dreams” and pursue their aspirations. The scale of the event is a great branding opportunity to introduce to Singaporeans.” – Edmund Weng, General Manager,

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