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5 Tips for Marketers in these challenging times


As the world faces an unprecedented situation impacting all our lives like never before, we understand that marketers like you have a challenging task on hand. While you are probably aware that media consumption is on the rise, what’s less straightforward is how to deliver your messages to your audience in a situation appropriate manner. There is no templated solution – here are 5 tips that we thought you might find useful.

Think of the benefits, harder than before
Focus on how your products can help solve specific problems. Translate your product features into benefits helping answer questions like – ‘how to stay more productive working from home?’, ‘how to stay better connected with friends and families?’

Uplift their mood
With a surfeit of tough news out there, your brand can bring some cheer by sharing messages of positivity, goodwill and optimism. This can elevate the status of your brand and elevate the mood of the nation.

Share relevant information
Consumers want authentic information, from 'how to maintain hygiene' to 'how to navigate economic uncertainty'. One of the best content marketing secrets is to simply provide timely information that helps your audience.

Choose your context
Marketers are using technology to contextually place their messages. Some choose to associate their brands with topical health related news/content, some successfully placed their messages along recent news to emphasise their home delivery service. Depending on your brand promise, choose the right context for your brand, to make the right connection with your audience.

Recognise the heroes
Brands love to associate with heroes and the current situation is surfacing several new ones – ordinary people doing extraordinary work. Close to 70 brands recently came together in recognising the healthcare workers of Singapore in a campaign called ‘Ode to Healthcare Frontliners’. Successful marketers know that sometimes heroism lies in recognising the hero in others.


Parminder Singh
Chief Commercial & Digital Officer, Mediacorp