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Bloomr.SG boosts official NDP social media campaign with 598% increase in engagement and 65% increase in interactions



Bloomr.SG took over the official NDP social media platforms (ndpeeps) this year and delivered a truly stunning increase in their social media platforms performance.

Bloomr.SG was engaged to takeover NDP social media accounts from 1 May to 11 August 2019 called ndpeeps to build awareness for #NDP2019, and delivered a marked increase to the official social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook & YouTube) for NDP this year. The campaign saw an increase of more than 12% in Facebook and Instagram followers and total YouTube views of 5.6 million.

The team explored different engaging formats of content to trigger lively interactions and boost awareness. From quizzes to user generated content, the team tailored content specifically to encourage responses from active social media users, resulting in a significant increase in engagement rate of 598% versus last year!

Don’t hesitate, the Bloomr.SG team is on hand now to help you boost your social media performance.


Bloomr.SG is Mediacorp’s creative powerhouse that provides social media amplification and content creation to meet clients’ marketing needs. Content can be created by the Bloomr.SG team or by the 21 influencers from the Mediacorp Creators’ Network. The team is backed by deep analytics and social listening capabilities, providing winning social media strategies that drive impactful conversations as well as build meaningful relationships with current and prospective customers.