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Engage your audience to bridge the social distancing gap with WFH Hacks: Bloomr.SG Edition

Bloomr WFH Hacks_1760x990

If your brand is feeling a growing rift with your customers during these social distancing and circuit breaker measures, fret not. Bloomr.SG WFH Hacks is here to help your brand regain connection with Bloomr’s creative hacks. Leverage the strong influencing power of our content creators and have your products incorporated into their work-from-home routines and productivity tips.  

For only $20,000, each 4-week campaign is supported by a rich publicity plan of 13 social posts, 2 x 30sec graphic-led videos, 300,000 in-article 30-sec videos, and a total of 66 spots on Channel 5 and 8. This will ensure your brand is front and center!

Offer is valid till 30 June 2020. For more information, please contact your Mediacorp Account Manager or Mediacorp Advertising Enquires at 6333 9888 or email