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Mediacorp rallies around local SMEs with Biz Hacks Podcast, a new must-listen manual for future-proofing businesses in a post-COVID-19 world

29 June 2020 – Attention, SMEs: We want your ears! In a bid to bolster the Singapore SME industry, Mediacorp is pleased to announce the premiere of Biz Hacks Podcast, an infotainment initiative that aims to offer actionable advice to local business owners impacted by COVID-19 conditions. 

Produced in partnership with Microsoft, Government Technology Agency, Singtel and the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (refer to the annex for partner quotes), this community empowerment project will provide practical insights and inspirations from local industry leaders to listeners looking to boost their businesses amidst a dynamic and digitally-driven marketplace. The initiative is indicative of Mediacorp’s continued commitment to creating content that will connect and inspire its diverse communities, including support for Singapore SMEs during this unprecedented period of economic uncertainty.

Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Mediacorp said: “SMEs constitute 99 percent of Singapore’s enterprises and are an important pillar of Singapore’s economy. Mediacorp is broadening its support to this segment by extending its digital storytelling expertise to the podcast format. As the national media network, the Biz Hacks series is our message to the SMEs that we understand your challenges in these extraordinary times, we are here to help and we will overcome this crisis together to emerge stronger.”

The Biz Hacks Podcast will be framed around four follow-along topics to give guidance to businesses in building financial resilience; firing up digital dexterity; developing new markets and revenue streams; and finally, in forging ahead with their workforces into a possibility-laden post-COVID-19 future. The podcast will be proffered in English and Chinese editions, with the former hosted by founder and CEO of Organisation Solutions Dr Alison Eyring, and the latter by leading business communications consultant Daryl Ong. Each version has been curated to cater to the specific needs of the English- and Chinese-speaking business communities. 

Comprising 12 episodes per edition, each 10-minute episode will feature guest speakers selected in consultation with the respective hosts and partners. Guests include illustrious innovators the likes of Sean Tan, director of True Group, plus David Chong, president of Portcullis Group for the English edition; as well as Chinese counterparts Andrew Tjioe, president and CEO of Tung Lok Group, and Ernie Koh, executive director of Koda Ltd, among many others – so keep your ears open.

Beginning 2 July, two episodes (one English and one Chinese) of Biz Hacks Podcast will be released each week on Thursday over the course of six weeks. Biz Hacks Podcast will be available to listen on demand via Mediacorp’s meLISTEN, Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Download the Biz Hacks Podcast logo and visuals of hosts via this link:

Annex – Quotes from partners

“Since the start, Microsoft recognised that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic may be felt more acutely by SMEs. This is why we have focused on helping them navigate the ‘now’, including extending free trials of Microsoft Teams to help SMEs quickly adapt to secure remote working as well as maintain business continuity. In planning what is next as the economy resets for recovery, SMEs' ability to leverage technology effectively to transform themselves digitally will help them to punch above their weight, expand market reach and level the competitive playing field versus larger businesses. While we see some SMEs embarking on this journey, there remains much more potential to be realised for SMEs of all profiles and industries. We hope that by learning from their peers who have achieved the benefits of digitalisation through the Biz Hacks Podcast, more SMEs will find the inspiration and motivation to accelerate their own digital transformation.” – Gerald Leo, Director for Commercial Partners and Small Medium Enterprise Group of Microsoft Singapore

“The on-going COVID-19 situation has seen companies race to digitalise their processes to ensure business continuity by enabling remote working, contactless customer service and online transactions. But getting on the digitalisation journey is proving more challenging for SMEs, which have been particularly impacted by this pandemic, especially since many of them operate brick-and-mortar businesses. As their long-time business partner, we want to help them with their digitalisation so they can ride out the COVID-19 crisis and emerge stronger. We are glad to bring them the Biz Hacks Podcast series so they can learn from other SMEs which have started their digital transformations and begin their own journeys towards making their businesses more agile and resilient.” – Bill Chang, CEO, Group Enterprise, Singtel

“In these challenging times, SCCCI is pleased to support Biz Hacks to facilitate the business community to come together to support and help one another through the sharing of practical experiences and advice. COVID-19 is a true test of business leadership and resilience. Businesses are facing challenges on multiple fronts. Biz Hacks focuses on four key capability thrusts that are critical for businesses: Financing, digitalisation, new markets and human capital. Rallying the business community together to support and help one another – this is the entrepreneurial spirit that we need right now. We are all in the same ocean, but we are not all in the same boat. But with help, we hope all can tide through and thrive!” – Roland Ng, President, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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