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Mediacorp’s Lights.Camera.Singapore initiative reels in Viddsee as first local content partner

Singapore, 21 July 2020 – In an exciting new collaboration between Singapore’s national media network Mediacorp and Singapore-based online entertainment platform Viddsee, audiences will get to enjoy more quality local entertainment under the Lights.Camera.Singapore with Viddsee initiative for free!   

From 25 July 2020, fans will be able to binge-watch 16 Viddsee short films under the Scene City anthology by local content creators on Mediacorp’s digital platform meWATCH at Shown as part of the Lights.Camera.Singapore initiative which champions cultural cornerstones that make us uniquely Singaporean, the Scene City anthology present a glimpse into the rich and layered narratives, landscapes and vignettes of city life in Singapore.

These include award-winning works like Pa directed by Sabrina Poon, which won Best Screenplay & People's Choice Award at the Shorties Film Festival Singapore 2019, and  Light By Bedside directed by JD Chua, which clinched Best Web Film Shorts at the Asia Web Awards 2019. 13 of these short films will also be aired every Tuesday on Channel 5, 9.30pm, starting from 28 July 2020. More details of the shows can be found in Annex A. 

Come end-2020 to early 2021, Mediacorp will also showcase popular drama series and infotainment programmes from Viddsee, such as its VOICES documentary series While You Sleep by Christine Seow, which won Best Documentary at the Asia Web Awards 2019. As part of this collaboration, both companies will also explore commissioning a drama series based on a short film, with the plan of bringing it to screen in mid-2021. More details will be released closer to date.

Sapna Angural, Head of English Audience, Mediacorp, said: “As Singapore’s largest content creator, we are constantly on the lookout for great partners to collaborate with to bring exciting new shows to our audiences. With Viddsee, a community-centric platform built by imaginative, independent storytellers, it is a natural partnership that will see some of their best content being showcased to a broader audience base through Mediacorp’s media network. But more importantly, with the Lights.Camera.Singapore with Viddsee initiative, we continue to shine the spotlight on remarkable Singaporean tales, told by talented local filmmakers, and hope that our audiences enjoy these stories that are so uniquely us."      

Derek Tan, Co-founder, Viddsee said: “We are proud to bring some of our favourite Viddsee Original short films, series, and documentaries to Mediacorp’s Channel 5 and meWATCH. Since making their debut on our platform, they have proved to be consistent favourites among our audiences worldwide, and we hope this collaboration will encourage more Singaporeans to discover and appreciate the work of our local filmmakers."

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Winston Chong
Communications Specialist

About Lights.Camera.Singapore
Lights. Camera. Singapore. was launched in 2018 as a curation of creative works encompassing popular local films and short stories, as well as local plays and musicals reimagined for Mediacorp platforms to reach a wider audience. The initiative is aligned with the company’s aim of championing Singapore stories and tapping the creative ecosystem beyond broadcasting. Viewers have since enjoyed a gamut of genres from the comfort of their couches, with shows selected for their Singapore-centric sensibilities. The collection of works includes the first-ever stage-to-screen serial adaptations of Dick Lee’s Fried Rice Paradise, Michael Chiang’s dramedy Mixed Signals, and Goh Boon Teck’s Titoudao. 

About Viddsee
Viddsee is a leading video entertainment platform for short premium content. With over 1 billion views powered by data insights and a trusted community, we empower storytellers by enabling the creation of films and amplifying stories to targeted audiences.

About Mediacorp
Mediacorp is Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, operating six TV channels, 11 radio stations and multiple digital platforms including CNA, Singapore's most used news app, and meWATCH, its digital video platform. Its mission is to engage, entertain and enrich audiences by harnessing the power of creativity.

Mediacorp pioneered the development of Singapore’s broadcasting industry, with radio broadcast in 1936 and television broadcast in 1963. Today, it reaches 98% of Singaporeans in four languages weekly and has a growing Asian audience base through CNA as well as entertainment content that is distributed across markets in the region.

The Mediacorp Partner Network brings Mediacorp together with industry-leading brands like ESPN, Edipresse Media, and VICE to deliver rich content for consumers and effective solutions for advertisers.

Mediacorp is the recipient of industry accolades including New York Festivals, World Media Festivals, PromaxBDA (World and Asia) and Asian Academy Creative Awards. For more information, please visit

Annex A - Short films under “Lights.Camera.Singapore with Viddsee”

Scene City anthology

Cities are defined by their gleaming, towering skyscrapers, but its soul and heartbeat are its people and their stories. This Scene City series is a keyhole into these rich and layered narratives, landscapes and vignettes, about how we live and breathe as seen through the eyes of Viddsee filmmakers.

S/No. TitleDirectorLanguageSynopsis


Scene City: Time


Daniel Yam


Grace is a frustrated young mother with little time on her hands, and her young son’s demands are making her impatient. At dawn, he yearns for his mother to carry him; at dusk, a bedtime story. She wished her young son would grow up quickly, just like she did: rushing gleefully into the adulthood once her training wheels came off.  


Scene City: A Spectacular Sight

Rifyal Giffari

Bahasa Melayu

Lynn’s dysfunctional family prepares to catch the National Day Parade, after finally winning tickets, but their plans slowly unravel by fate and their own personal turmoil. 


Scene City: Cash Only


Micheal Tay


During Labor Day, Jiamin is left alone to man an old cash-only-provision-shop. Her day soon takes an interesting turn when a strange customer shows up to make a simple purchase that quickly escalates the situation into an unexpected confrontation. 


Scene City: Light By Bedside


JD Chua


Inspired by true events. Fiercely independent, a Boy spends his childhood taking care of himself. His widowed mother, Sue, struggles to maintain a day time job while studying for a career change. While having very little time for herself, she manages to influence her boy an important lesson in life.


Scene City: Pa

Sabrina Poon



A workaholic mum learns the true meaning of family through the adventures of her 6-year-old son and her elderly father. 


Scene City: Run Chicken Run

Ellie Ngim


“No matter how far or fast you run, I will always catch you!” This is an annual Chinese New Year affair for a father who plays catching with his daughter in mascot costumes. And he is trying to catch her home for Reunion Dinner. 


Scene City: Something I Wanted To Ask 

Yiqin Ng


Something I Wanted To Ask explores identity and masculinity through a boy’s eyes. He struggles to understand the relationship between his parents and straddles between two perspectives, one of uncertainty, the other of horror.


Scene City: A Golden Mile

Sean Ng


Months after his mom’s passing, Roy reluctantly goes back to his old home in Golden Mile Complex and is pushed to revisit some old wounds when he gathers with his friends on an innocent night out. 


Scene City: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Kai Xiang Chang



A young lawyer, Jane Liu, is assigned by her mentor to help Mdm Wong, a 75 years old repeated shoplifter, as a pro bono defense counsel. 

What seems to be an easy open and shut case suddenly takes a weird turn when Jane discovers that Mdm Wong’s repeated petty crimes are intentional and deliberate. 

Jane suspects and worries that Mdm Wong could be a victim of elderly abandonment and decides to take action upon herself, only to realize that her ulterior motive is to relief herself from being her son’s burden. 


Scene City: How To Bury A Dead Cat


Kaizer Thng


“How To Bury A Dead Cat” centers on 4 children of various ethnicities as they run around their neighbourhood to find a way to bury a dead cat found nearby their frequent playground and void deck. 

As the story unfolds, each child learns of the other’s culture and religion benignly as they get lost and confused in the teachings passed down from their parents, exchanging and questioning which method is the real way of sending the dead cat off into the afterlife.

As the day comes to a close their worried parents went looking for them only to find their children crying and torn over the loss of the cat’s life at a police station. The parents, after much discussion, decided to put aside their differences and combined all their ornaments together while burying the dead cat in favour of their children’s happiness. 


Scene City: Mother Knows Best


Lincoln Chia


Jackson, a top graduate of his cohort is preparing for his first job interview, but his mother seems more excited than him.

She assists in his CV creation and role-plays with him scenarios that he might encounter in a job interview. Taking it to the extreme, she attempts to sit in with him during the interview to ensure that her son is hired. How far will she go? Good intentions or extreme parenting? 


Scene City: Final Exam


Kai Xiang Chang 



Is scoring top in class more important than having compassion? In a harsh environment called school, the top 3 students in the class are tasked to help their classmate Nina improve her exam score. As they get to know Nina better, they find out that she is ill and the upcoming test could be her final exam in school. 


Scene City: Under The Five Trees

Joel Lee

English and Mandarin

Five Angsana trees at a once famous landmark - “Gor Zhang Chiu Kar” were removed when they fell victim to a fungal disease. In present day, a father struggles to keep up with how technology changes the way we work. He finds himself in a similar predicament as the five trees - adapt or become obsolete 


Scene City: On My Honour


Victor Gan


A group of 3 scouts with varied interest is on their journey to find the mythical lake in Singapore. It is their last adventure before they move on to their next phase of life. 

As fatigue sets in, conflicts between the trio happen. Inevitable arguments over who should be the navigator happens. Through the conflicts and dialogues in the journey, the trio reveals their fears and hopes for the future without each other.


Scene City: Kakak Ampai

Shaiful Reezal 


English and Bahasa Melayu

Shikin, a 25-year-old Malay woman, goes out of the norm to pursue her career as an Anti-Narcotic officer. She faces gender discrimination not only from her mother, but also from her family, friends and the public. Seen as defiant at first, she finds a greater reason in joining the force. 


Scene City: As Written

Henry and Harry Zhuang


Carrie is a dreamer who loves to write music into her notebook. She also has a crush on a boy in school, James. Her best friend, Wei Ting encourages her to confess before graduation but Carrie is afraid of rejection and is very shy about it. 

On graduation day, Carrie discovers that Wei Ting has taken her notebook and shows it to James. Now Carrie is forced to face him. She decides if she should be brave about it, or cower shyly.