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Mediacorp’s radio network sees growth in audience, reaching 80% of adults in Singapore weekly

The company’s radio stations continue to be the number one radio network in Singapore, taking eight out of the top 10 spots and the top four positions

Singapore, 23 December 2020 – Mediacorp’s radio network has seen a growth in listenership, reaching 3.4 million people1 weekly, which is close to 80% of total adults, with more than 13 hours of engagement recorded weekly. 

These findings are based on the latest Nielsen Radio Survey conducted from September to November 2020, which tracked radio listenership via diary recordings by 2,000 adults aged 15 and above, with the results weighted by age, sex and race to be representative of the Singapore population.

This represents a 1.8% increase in listeners from the last survey findings in 20192. Mediacorp also continues to be the top radio network in Singapore, with eight of its radio stations appearing in the top 10 spots – including the top four positions – according to the latest survey results. 

Beyond the airwaves, the survey also found that more than four in five digital listeners1 tune in to Mediacorp’s digital radio stations weekly, reinforcing its ability to reach audiences across multiple platforms amidst evolving media consumption preferences.

Eight of top 10 stations belong to Mediacorp
Out of the top 10 stations, Mediacorp occupies eight, including the top four positions. This reinforces the company’s position as the number one radio network in Singapore, where its radio stations reach out to four in five adults1 weekly. Chinese radio station YES 933 is first at 21% weekly listenership (906,000 listeners), after gaining a survey-high of 129,000 additional listeners. LOVE 972 takes the second spot at 19.7%, while CLASS 95 and CAPITAL 958 are third and fourth, with listenership at 17.6% and 14.6%, respectively. The remaining Mediacorp radio stations in the top 10 are: 987 (sixth), GOLD 905 (seventh), Warna 942 (eighth) and Oli 968 (tenth). GOLD 905 has the second highest increase of 73,000 listeners, with CAPITAL 958 in third with an additional 52,000 listeners.

Increased time spent listening on Mediacorp’s stations
Listeners also find Mediacorp’s radio stations to be more engaging and are spending more time listening3, particularly for its vernacular stations. 

Warna 942 tops the chart with listeners tuning in for 13 hours 41 minutes on a weekly basis, representing an increase of one hour eight minutes when compared to the last survey2. It is also the number one Malay station, reaching 356,000 Malay listeners weekly.

Reflecting the highest jump in terms of engagement, Oli 968 is a close second with listeners spending 13 hours 35 minutes listening in weekly, an increase of three hours 56 minutes. CAPITAL 958 is third at 12 hours 58 minutes as the most engaged Chinese station. CAPITAL 958 also has the highest reach among silvers aged 55 and above.

More than four out of five digital radio listeners tune in to Mediacorp’s digital radio network
On the digital front, Mediacorp’s digital radio network has shown an overall 52% jump in listenership from the previous survey2, bringing the total to about 1.03 million listeners. This translates to a reach of more than four in five digital listeners, with more than eight hours of weekly engagement - a testimony to Mediacorp’s ability to engage audiences in keeping with consumer preferences. YES 933 is the top digital radio station, reaching 363,000 digital listeners; LOVE 972 in second with 265,000 listeners and CLASS 95 coming in third with 237,000 listeners. 

Mediacorp’s Chief Executive Officer, Tham Loke Kheng said: “The findings from the latest Nielsen survey, a well-established independent study for the industry, reinforces that radio continues to be a key media platform with a deep ability to engage and influence a wide demographic of consumers. We are proud to be the top radio network in Singapore, with listeners tuning in to our stations more than ever, not just over the airwaves, but also through digital radio, including meLISTEN, Mediacorp’s digital audio service which provides interactive content for a more personalised experience. Looking ahead, we will continue to curate and create more engaging, quality content for our audiences.” 

1The number of listeners aged 15+ in Singapore is estimated at 4.3 million
2Nielsen Radio Diary Wave 2, 2019 (Mon-Sun-Whole Day)
3Time Spent Listening (TSL) is defined as the average amount of time a listener spends listening to a radio station in a week

Source: Nielsen Radio Diary Wave 2, 2020 (Mon-Sun-Whole Day)  

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