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Mediacorp showcases unique cross-genre production with new drama My One In A Million and variety show The Destined One

Singapore, 29 June 2019 – Mediacorp has unveiled a unique cross-genre production that interweaves Channel 8’s latest drama My One In A Million《我的万里挑一》with brand new variety show The Destined One《众里寻一》. The first-of-its-kind in local entertainment, this commissioning move marks Mediacorp’s push to further engage with our audiences via these elements:

Cross-genre commissioning

Tapping on the universal theme of “love”, My One In A Million speaks of a modern-day matchmaker who appears on a TV dating show, The Destined One; subsequently sparking a series of humourous and romantic events between her and the show’s producer. Therein lies the surprise –The Destined One will also premiere as a bona fide reality dating programme, the first in seven years by Mediacorp since Love In Progress 《爱。进行中》 in 2012. 

Fans can look forward to these integrated elements that will link both productions:

·       Cross-appearances by the drama cast (in character) on the variety show, and cameos by the variety participants within the drama;

·       Actual sets of the variety show featured in the drama.

“This cross-genre commissioning is part of our efforts to innovate and create new surprises for our audiences.” said Irene Lim, Chief Customer Officer, Mediacorp. “Leveraging the best of both worlds – the romantic storytelling of dramas and the entertainment appeal of varieties – these twin productions will elevate the experience for our viewers through their intertwined plots and offer two high-quality programmes that can be enjoyed as standalones or in tandem.”

Advertisers are excited by the possibilities. Ms Iris Leong, Country Manager, Tempur Singapore said, “Tempur has been making mattresses and pillows that transform the sleep of Tempur users across the globe. We believe in continuous innovation and are excited about partnering Mediacorp in its innovative cross-genre production of My One In A Million and The Destined One. We look forward to connecting even more closely with our customers through this initiative.”

Multi-platform format

Taking it a step further, Mediacorp will expand the concept beyond TV to radio. Specially created in line with the “love” theme featured in both My One In A Million and The Destined One, a radio segment on YES933’s Yeah夜不打烊 will provide a love confession platform for listeners to call in and profess their love, or share their confession experiences. Selected participants from The Destined One will also go on the segment to share their love stories.

Doreen Neo, Chief Content Officer, Mediacorp said, “This key transmedia initiative across TV and radio is indicative of Mediacorp’s dexterity in optimising content through different formats amid a constantly evolving multi-platform mediascape.” She added, “Beyond reinforcing our commitment to better our offerings to audiences, this will also pave the way for future boundary-breaking projects by Mediacorp.”

With these efforts, audiences can anticipate heartwarming, romantic evenings with their loved ones during the months of July and August. And for the singles, perhaps be encouraged to take that first step in confessing their feelings towards their special someone.   

The Destined One airs 1 July, 8pm (every Mon), while My One In A Million will premiere on 22 July, 9pm (weekdays), both on Channel 8. Listeners can also tune in to YES933 from 1 Jul, 10pm (every Mon till 19 August) to catch the special radio segment on Yeah夜不打烊.

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