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PM Lee on CNA’s 20th anniversary: CNA will continue to play a critical role in Singapore

Prime Minister Lee says viewers, readers and listeners look to CNA to make sense of how and why things are happening so that they can form a coherent and accurate view of the world

Singapore, 29 March 2019  Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said that Channel NewsAsia will continue to play a critical role in Singapore, in a new environment where trusted news sources like CNA are more important than ever.

Mr Lee said: “Your audience has a harder task to filter out the noise, and sieve out facts from the ocean of hearsay, propaganda and fake news, but it is precisely in this new environment that trusted news sources like CNA are more important than ever. Viewers, readers and listeners need to know where they can get reliable and factual news. They know that you have researched and verified your stories, and organised and presented them as objectively as possible. They look to your brand and track record, and trust you to help them make sense of how and why things are happening, so that they can form a coherent and accurate view of the world, and make their own well informed judgments and decisions.”

Addressing 300 guests at CNA’s 20th anniversary gala dinner held at St. Regis Singapore, the Prime Minister also urged CNA to invest in its people and new capabilities and take advantage of Singapore as a media and technology hub to stay up to date on industry developments.

“You must continue to upgrade yourself. Invest in your people – your journalists, producers, cameramen and administrators – so that they have the skills to work together to provide a superior news service and support your transformation. Build new capabilities. Recruit talented professionals with new skillsets, like data analysts, who can help you better understand your audiences’ preferences and interests; and take advantage of Singapore’s status as a media and technology hub. Maintain links with the media and tech companies here, learn from them, and build partnerships and networks so that you stay always up to date on industry developments.”

The Prime Minister was Guest-of-honour at the celebratory gathering of leaders including government and business, ambassadors, newsmakers, clients, partners and Mediacorp staff.

Channel NewsAsia becomes “CNA” on 20th anniversary as it embraces a fully transmedia future and reaffirms commitment to cover Asia for the world

At the event, Mediacorp announced that Channel NewsAsia will be adopting “CNA” as its brand name as the news provider turns 20. CNA is dropping its television-centric reference to “channel”, embracing a new transmedia, multiplatform identity.

In his speech at the event, Mediacorp Chairman Niam Chiang Meng said: “Much has changed in the media landscape today. Aggregators, online news, celebrity bloggers and citizen journalism have become commonplace. It is no longer easy to differentiate opinions from facts. Worse, there is now a proliferation of fake news. Accuracy is no longer as valued as in the past. It's no wonder that public indifference and cynicism have grown.”

Mr Niam added: “To stay relevant, Channel NewsAsia has been working hard to transform itself into a transmedia company, available on every platform that the public is using. We intend to be an impartial provider of accurate information and insights, and a source to uplift the standards of journalism and knowledge amongst the public.”

CNA’s move into a fully transmedia future is aligned with Mediacorp’s overall transformation. Mediacorp content is consumed by audiences on TV, on radio and digitally on their preferred devices.

Digitally, CNA content is consumed by an increasing average of about 10 million unique visitors, generating about 73 million page views every month[1]. CNA enjoys robust traction on social media. With 2.8 million Facebook followers and an average of 26 million Facebook video views every month[2], CNA holds claim to having the highest social following on Facebook amongst news networks in Singapore[3]. In addition, CNA Lifestyle is now the number one lifestyle website in Singapore, drawing almost 830,000 unique visitors every month[4].

CNA’s premium programming also reaches more than 82 million households in 29 territories across Asia, the Middle East and Australia. It draws an average of over 600,000 PMEBs across TV and digital in Singapore monthly[5]. Its digital developments are bolstered by back-end IPs like the in-house content analytics platform RIPPLE, which aggregates analytics of reader consumption patterns and characteristics, trending themes and performance predictions to enhance the efficacy of editorial decision-making.

Walter Fernandez, Editor-in-Chief, Mediacorp said: “CNA’s raison d'être as a readily accessible source of Asian-centric reporting has endured since its establishment two decades ago. We are dedicated to serving as a source of trusted news, available anytime, anywhere and on any device.”

Added Mr Fernandez: “We differentiate ourselves by having our centre of gravity in Asia and navigating cultures. We scrutinise our information and dive deeper to deliver regional news of global significance, all the time applying an Asian lens to our coverage.”

Content initiatives as CNA steps into its third decade

CNA’s 20-year anniversary milestone will see a sustained roll-out of customer-centric content that reinforces its reputation as a proactive player in a multi-platform mediascape:

CNA Leadership Summit: Slated for the third quarter of 2019, the inaugural conference will bring multi-industry movers and shakers together for a debate and discourse about “Asian Leadership in Global Innovation”.

Tell CNA: An addition to CNA’s existing citizen journalism initiative for audiences to engage with the news by being CNA’s eyes and ears on the ground. Tell CNA proffers a platform for public submission of audiovisual material through our website, WhatsApp or mobile apps, all of which will be verified before being reported by CNA’s editorial team.

CNA Talk: Keep an ear out for this radio station. An improvement upon the existing 938NOW, its live talk-show format assigns an avenue for two-way audio dialogue with our audiences.

Asia First: A news and current affairs programme blending the best of Asia Business First and First Look Asia. The series will showcase cross-platform synergy by syncing live coverage between our radio and TV news studios. The show is available for consumption at consumers’ convenience via online viewing and listening.

Said Mr Fernandez: “As CNA enters its third decade, I am confident that the CNA team will continue to uphold our long-held mission to be a trusted source of news and stories of Asia for the world.”

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Appendix 1: Key brand milestones

Year         Milestones

Channel NewsAsia was launched by Mediacorp with a channel positioning to help viewers to “Understand Asia”.

Launch of The site was recognised as “hitwise the number one TV website in Singapore” for three successive years from 2005.


Channel NewsAsia set up its first overseas studio in Hong Kong at 2 Pacific Place, Central.

Channel NewsAsia (International) was launched as the international broadcasting arm of Channel NewsAsia Singapore. Today, it is viewed by more than 82 million households and hotel rooms across 29 territories. It boasts a satellite footprint spanning the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Australia.


Channel NewsAsia began its broadcast in Hong Kong through Hong Kong Cable's digital service.

Channel NewsAsia and Indonesia’s Metro TV signed a Memorandum of Agreement on programme exchange and carriage in Indonesia, marking the channel’s carriage over terrestrial TV in the region.


Channel NewsAsia extended its broadcast service to Taipei through Eastern Television [ETTV]’s digital platform, ETTV Digital Channel.


Channel NewsAsia was granted rights to broadcast in China.

Channel NewsAsia and Thailand Cable TV Association signed an agreement that officially launched the channel’s carriage in Thailand.   

Channel NewsAsia signed a carriage license agreement with MiTV, marking its inaugural presence in Malaysia.


Launch of the Channel NewsAsia App for Apple iPhones and iPads, alongside social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


Channel NewsAsia launched, a lifestyle portal targeted at professionals, managers, executives and businessmen (PMEBs). The portal focuses on the latest in food, travel, fashion and what’s trending in the lifestyle landscape in Singapore and across Asia.


- appendix ends


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