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Sony Pictures’ campaigns achieved 34% more cost efficiency boosted by Mediacorp’s unique data-driven blended CPV model


As audiences now consume more content across multiple screens, advertisers often struggle to achieve efficient buys across screens due to different measurement methodologies between digital and TV, further hampered by the lack of data and media insights. With Mediacorp’s blended CPV model, advertisers can now optimise reach at the most cost effective rate across Mediacorp’s TV channels and Mediacorp Digital Networks video-on-demand platforms. This data-driven approach dynamically searches for opportunities using a given budget to garner new reach and target an audience at a lower cost.

Recently, Sony Pictures enjoyed great success with the use of Mediacorp’s blended CPV model for two movie launches – Men in Black: International and Spider-Man: Far From Home – to drive strong awareness efficiently before the movie release date.

An integrated in-campaign performance tracker dashboard was built during execution to monitor the campaign reach and cost efficiency against set benchmarks. The dashboard guided Mediacorp to shift TV spots to the most effective timebelts and programmes; pre-empted under-delivering online videos with extra entitlements upon early warning; and identified the optimal frequency cap for online video delivery to maximise reach and frequency. Without any increase in advertising spend, both campaigns delivered an average of 18% reach uplift in target audience at 34% better cost efficiency.

Irene Tay, Executive Director for Marketing & Distribution, Sony Pictures Entertainment Singapore, said: “We have been using Mediacorp’s Blended CPV model for our movie campaigns in 2019. The model allows us to effectively reach a larger target audience base on TV and digital platforms with the same advertising budget.”

The exciting results of blended CPV multi-screen campaigns have been rewarding for many brands across entertainment, FMCG, retail, consumer electronics, banking & finance, pharmaceutical, furniture and food & beverage sectors. From February last year to June this year, 22 completed blended CPV campaigns delivered huge jumps in cost efficiency – from an average of 29%, up to a whopping 45% – with campaign reach uplift from an average of 13% up to 24%!

Mediacorp’s unique data-driven blended CPV model helps your brand to achieve the most cost-efficient multi-screen media buys on Singapore’s largest TV and OTT platform. Contact your Mediacorp sales representative today to find out how you can maximise your campaign’s returns.