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Welcome to Mediacorp Commissioning


"Made For You"

We are the National Media Network dedicated to
create engaging and trusted content,
connect and inspire our communities, and
celebrate the significant to the everyday moments.

We want to Engage Everyone Every Day.


Connecting With Our Audience
Being the National Media Network, we want to engage everyone every day. We bring together the generations, the greatest grandparents, and the tiniest toddlers. But as audiences grow increasingly fragmented in recent years, we find ourselves within the same breath having to cater to niche segments such as young adults and parents with kids, or even interest groups such as procedural lovers, food fanatics or animation fans. While we are open to all groups, we ask for you to consider whom your content piece will serve, and ensure it effectively resonates with the intended group. Generating multiple touchpoints with our audience through our content helps grow audience reach and engagement. Consider content that can organically exist on multiple platforms to generate interest, or expand IPs to build worlds beyond their original formats, catered to different audience profiles and windows.

Hyper-Local – Authentically Singapore
We love creating content that is uniquely SINGAPORE. We celebrate our different colours, which when brought together build the finest of tapestries. We may speak different languages, but we tell the same SINGAPORE story.  

Challenging Perspectives, Inspiring Change 
We provide insight into less talked-about slices of life we find in Singapore, giving much-needed voice to the overlooked. We seek to reflect reality, and at the same time, challenge perspectives. We do not shy away from the controversial and uncomfortable topics, but take great pride in and shoulder the responsibility of storytelling. 

Partnerships & Collaborations
Collaboration is key when it comes to success. Be it through the bringing together of different talents (both on and off screen) from various creative sectors, or leveraging specific skillsets and strengths of one other, we see much merit in partnering up. Beyond Singapore, we are passionate about working with creatives across Asia and the world to grow our content pipeline and develop new IPs that travel. We constantly seek co-commissioning and co-production opportunities, so hit us up if you have a good partnership plan or collaboration idea!