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Mediacorp okto Commissioning Brief

Our Ethos
Okto has always made a commitment to being a kids’ brand that’s safe, fun and offers our audience lessons in an entertaining way. We believe that our content must bring a positive influence for our kids while never forgetting to have fun! 

Our Ambition
Our audience (Kids) are sophisticated. They are digital natives and fervently consume a variety of global and local content through multiple touchpoints. Younger kids are not opposed to consuming the same IP repeatedly, but there must be a frequent release of new content. To engage them effectively, we need to build long-lasting and consistent IPs. We aspire to create content with longevity and frequency with the ability to engage audiences through multiple mediums (outside of video). This includes but isn’t limited to music, on-ground activations and merchandising. 

Our Target Audience & Languages
Our content appeals to preschoolers (0 – 4 years old), younger kids (4 – 7 years old) and slightly older kids (7 – 12 years old)

We are open to ideas across all languages and target audiences.

Our Content 
As they say, “content is king (or queen!)”. From a content perspective, it’s important for our characters to be reflections of kids in Singapore. It is important stories are told through their POV. In their adventures, they should be empowered (especially amongst adults!). Tone is key! The content has to be fun, light-hearted, and sincere. It’s encouraged for stories to have a takeaway.

Being digital natives , kids are frequent consumers of content online. To cater to their needs, we intend to build our digital presence on okto YouTube by building content suitable for that platform.

Content We’re Looking For

1.    Co-commissions / Productions
We are open to partnership models that involve but are not limited to co-commissions and co-productions. Leverage on your networks (global or local) and consider partners or content pieces that are suitable for the audience. Examples include but are not limited to local spin-offs of popular global programmes or content created around popular non-video kids’ brands. 

2.    Personalities!
Be it a morning routine, unboxing videos or a day in my life, kids love your boy/girl-next-door, fun-loving personalities! YouTubers engage kids through their relatability and unique personas. We are open to exploring brand safe, personality-driven content through fun series that can reach out to new audiences.

3.    More than Video!
Yes, video is important, no doubt. But we need to think outside the box on how we engage kids holistically. In short, can your content touch multiple touchpoints: audio, video games, or on-ground activities? If so, please tell us how we can effectively build an IP. 

4.    Diversity & Inclusivity 
It’s important for our content to demonstrate to kids what it means to be more open-minded and accepting towards others of different cultures, ethnicities, circumstances and backgrounds.