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Mediacorp Unscripted Commissioning Brief

General entertainment has the power to resonate with the mass audience, from the very young to the silver generation. We are on a hunt for a range of entertainment shows that provide our audiences a form of escapism, to intellectually stimulating investigative series that keep audience glued to their screens.

We want content that makes viewers sit at the edge of their seat like while watching MasterChef Singapore, and tear up as the family’s favourite contestant gets eliminated from Juara Memasak All-star. We want to make audiences fall off the chair while laughing to the antics of Vadi and Kumar in Vadi Ready Vedi 2 with Kumar, and tempt them to book that ticket and luxury stay after watching Cool Hotels.

Our Creative Brief

Hyper-local – Authentically Singapore
We are constantly looking for stories about profiles that are authentic and relatable, with the aim of bringing everyone together. With series such as Sabotaj, Hear You Out and Enga Pettai, we see returning audiences because they find the content relevant and relatable. Programmes such as Ayiram Malargale tell the story of the vibrant arts and culture scene in Singapore, multifold aspects of the authentic Singapore we hope to share with our audience.

Audience engagement continues to be one of our key focus areas. In keeping our content real and engaging, we have our ears glued to the ground to identify themes and current topics that are pertinent to the community at large such as City Spotlights and Misteri Minda.

Through programmes such as RenovAID, Kembara Kasih, Udayam and Grey Matters, we strive to highlight social issues prevalent in today’s modern society.

Grooming Talents
We are always in the search of new and promising talents .  Our stage is the perfect springboard to stardom! Think of SPOP, Star Search, Juara Mic Junior,  Vansantham Star – shows that can reach  the broad audience, appeal to young and old and has returnability. Consider the people a show can be built around – from host, judge, to performers and contestants. Are they icons who have cross generational appeal? Do contestants have the potential and audience affinity to become the next face of our flagship dramas or entertainment programmes? Our talent competitions bring together viewers from all walks of life, draw and involve them, makes them root for the contestants and laugh along with the personalities on screen enjoying themselves.   

Expanding IPs and Building Content Universes
We are looking for ideas and formats that can be expanded onto various platforms and languages to reach a wider audience such as King of Culinary

To better connect and engage our audience by their interests, we have blurred the boundaries between audio and video formats, as seen in Vanakkam Singai, MJ12, Mr Zhou’s Ghost Stories and SPOP Wave. We welcome ideas that capitalise on such opportunities to pivot existing or new IPs.  

Tailored digital-first content such as The Star Voice and Ungalil Oruvar also allows us to reach digital natives, and Streamers Go Live pushed the envelope one step further, crossing into the realm of Shopper-tainment.