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Studio 2

If you are thinking “big studios are nice, but I don’t really need something that big...”, this could be the one for you. A little smaller than our flagship studio, this studio still has sufficient capacity for mid-large scale events like an indoor garden party or even a beauty pageant contest! Giving you only the best, this studio still boasts the same high quality facilities and state-of-the-art equipment to bring your vision to life. With everything we can offer, we hope to provide both you and your guests with a fulfilling and pleasant experience to remember.


700 sq meters


  • Live Shows, Talk Shows, Game Shows

  • Drama performances

  • Product Launches

  • Seminars and Workshops


  • Multi-camera System — 6 to 8 cameras

  • Vision Mixer — 4 ME and Aux panel with 80 inputs

  • Media Asset Management System Production server allows recording, controlling and playing clips, ingesting synchronously multiple feeds with multiple inputs and outputs and slow-motion effects

  • Digital Audio System with 5.1 Audio Mixing Capabilities

  • Full Studio Lighting System with Motorized Lighting and Point Hoist Control

  • VIP Rooms, Makeup Room, Wardrobe Available Upon Request

For rental enquiries, please email