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Studio 4

Keep you and your guests relaxed with a cosy and more personal environment in our best kept little secret. This studio’s size is suitable for boutique productions that do not require large amounts of space. However, the studio is still big enough to accommodate many guests, and still provide an impressive platform for your event to unfold in an elegant fashion. To ensure this, we offer you our choice facilities that are suitable for the space as well as your needs. Despite its humble disguise, this exciting space yields a pleasant surprise!


360 sq meters


  • Talk Shows, quiz shows

  • Product demo

  • Seminars and Workshops


  • Multi-camera System — 3 to 5 cameras

  • Vision Mixer — 4 ME and Aux panel with 60 inputs

  • Media Asset Management System Production server allows recording, controlling and playing clips, ingesting synchronously multiple feeds with multiple inputs and outputs and slow-motion effects

  • Digital Audio System with 48 i/p & 24 o/p

  • Full Studio Lighting System with Motorized Lighting Control

For rental enquiries, please email