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Juin Teh

Juin Teh


June 06




Mandarin, English, Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien, Fuzhou


Acting, Hosting, Rap, Piano, Chinese Yo-yo

Juin pursued her passion in acting and hosting at a young age before she joined the Star Search 2019.  With her vast stage experiences, she quickly edged out amongst the rest and was one of the backstage hosts for the highly anticipated Star Awards ceremony in 2021.

Her bubbly and engaging personality gained her a spot in the new bite- sized series Just Swipe Lah where she delivers the most trending news in Entertainment, Lifestyle and Food.  It matches well with her adventurer spirit to try out all sorts of activities like drumming, playing golf and doing yoga!

Most recently, she hosted her first live show for Lunar New Year Eve Special 2022 and will be starring in her upcoming new show titled Soul Doctor. She is multi-talented and proven to be able to act and host well in countless of events. With her accumulated experience and perseverance, we are curious to see how she can depict and immerse herself in roles for the upcoming shows.



2022    Soul Doctor 灵医

            In Safe Hands 守护星 

            Home Again 多年后的全家福

2021    The Peculiar Pawnbroker 人心鉴定师

            Key Witness 关键证人 

            CTRL 操控

2020    Interns’ Survivor Guide 实习生的生存记 (Web Extension)

            The Right Time 错的时间不错的人 (Fresh Take)

            All Around You  回路网



2018      The Leakers 泄密者(香港电影客串角色)


2022   Lunar New Year Eve Specials 旺虎泰哥迎春节 

2021   The Food Lab 科学食验室 

           Star Awards 2021 Backstage Live 红星大奖2021 幕后直击     

2020   Grand Opening of Permaisuri Zairth Sofiah Opera Johor

2019   Starker Malaysia  台湾歌手Alin 开幕典礼
           Starker Malaysia Opening Ceremony Special Appearance A-lin 

2017   星耀公主弯  我是情歌王大决赛
           R&F Princess Cove Singing Competition & Opening Ceremony 

           女人密事 怀孕啦  第一季 Women talk show season 1 

2016    我想有个家 改造单元 ONFM Property Program makeover project 

            时尚美容节目 还美计划 Way back t beauty season 1 

2015      苏丹登基连续3天万人演唱会 Iskandar Waterfront Carnival 

             韩国旅游节目 Part 1 ONFM Traveling program 


2019     〈才华横溢出新秀2019〉 12 强 Star Search 2019 Top 12 Finalist