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Kym Ng

Kym Ng


July 01




Mandarin, English, Teochew


Hosting, Acting, Singing

Kym Ng is one of the most endearing and enduring veteran artistes in Singapore. Combining physical beauty, dramatic versatility and hosting capabilities all in one, it is hardly any wonder why she always tops every producer's list. Kym has moved seamlessly between meaty, serious dramatic roles to lighter fares such as Fion See Chao Lian (Chao Ah Lian) in Durian King with aplomb. An excellent host and a former singer, Kym has excelled in everything she’s done.

Fans and viewers will remember her big break on television in the variety programme City Beat with her role as Miss Tan. That role went down so well with the local audiences that she became a household name. Children and adults alike adore her and shower her with praises for her witty and convincing performance.

No stranger to the Asian Television Awards, Kym is a multiple winner for Best TV presenter. She has acted in several local movies, including the highly acclaimed It's A Great Great World, Dance Dance Dragon to Filial Party.

In 2011 Star Awards, Kym won the Best Variety Show Host Award for  "Love On The Plate" and in 2013, once again she clinched the same award for another show "Jobs Around The World." She was also nominated for Best Actress for her role in the drama "It Takes Two."

2018, besides hosting for Channel 5 hosting Buzzing Hawkers (English version of the popular channel 8 programme Buzzing Cashiers in 2008), Kym is also involved in Channel 8 Long form drama - Reach For The Skies as the first female lead. 

Kym clinched the Best Supporting Actress with her role in highly acclaimed Channel 8 drama- When Duty Calls at Star Awards, 2018 and once again for My Guardian Angels in 2021.

Come 2018, in addition to receiving an Outstanding Host Award at the prestigious Asia TV Rainbow Awards; she also received her 10th Most Popular Award and ascended the All Time Favourite position at our very local Star Awards. 



2014 - Filial Party 我是孝子

2012 - Dance Dance Dragon 龙众舞

2011 - It's A Great Great World 大世界

2007 - Gone Shopping


2020   单翼天使 My Guardian Angels

2019   我的左邻右里 Dear Neighbours

           天空渐渐亮 Daybreak

2018   不平凡的平凡 Reach for the Skies

2017     第一主角 The Lead

            卫国先锋 When Duty Calls

2016    钱来运转 House of Fortune

           小咖大作战 I Want To Be A Star (Toggle drama)

          大英雄 (友情客串) Hero (Special Appearance)

2014    百岁大吉 Good Luck

           吉人天相 Blessings

2013    Love… and Other Bad Habits (telemovie) 玩味爱情" (电视电影)

2012    对对碰 It Takes Two

2009    团圆饭 Reunion Dinner

            乒乓圆 Table Of Glory

1998 - Liang Po Po 梁婆婆重出江湖 

2021  Storyteller Behind The Wheels 驾遇人生   
          古早味侦探 2 Old Taste Detective 2 
          Health Hacks 小偏方大拆解
          The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘   

2020  喜欢没烦恼 happy Go Lucky 
          The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘 

2019  Ah Gong Can Cook  阿公来做饭 
          The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘 
          Happy Can Already 4 欢喜就好 4 
          Health Hacks

2018  Buzzing Hawkers
          缤纷万千在昇菘 The Sheng Siong Show

2017   Lunar New Year eve 咕鸡庆丰年
          The Sheng Siong Show season 21缤纷万千在昇菘21 
          Be a healthy Champion 我是肠胜菌
         Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭 
         My Star Guide 12 (Great Britain) 我的明星是导游12 (英国) 
         Hear my Thoughts (Toggle) 混口饭吃而已 

2016  The Shoppers Guide消费情报站 
          Life Hacks 没那么简单 
          MY OH MY! 大马玩全攻略 
         The Sheng Siong Show season 19 缤纷万千在昇菘19
         Please Be My Guest 2 客人来咯2 
         My Star Guide 11 (Spain/Portugal) 我的明星是导游11 (西班牙/葡萄牙) 
         The Sheng Siong Show season 20 缤纷万千在昇菘20 
         Just Cook It 一起来下厨 

2015  The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘
          10 My Star Guide 10 我的明星是导游
          The 5 Show (VT trailers)
          3 Shoppers' Guide 3 消费情报站
          Body SOS 小毛病,大问题
          Life Hacks 没那么简单

2014   Shoppers' Guide 消费情报站
          Cheap And Good 便宜有好货
          The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘
          Black Rose II 爆料黑玫瑰
          Finding 8 寻8先锋
          Neighbourhood Chef 邻里厨王
          Ladies Night 女人聚乐部

2013   The Generation Game 穿越时空祖孙情
          The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘
          Ladies Nite 女人聚乐部
          Laughing Out Loud 笑笑没烦恼
          My Star Guide 8 我的明星是导游
          Finding U 寻U先锋

2012  Just Noodles 寻U先锋
          Battle@Water Margin 我爱水浒转
          Jobs Around The World 自由打工乐
          S.N.A.P 熠熠星光总动员
          The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘

2012  SMRT Challenge 2011 SMRT大挑战 2011
          Just Noodles 面对面
          Love On A Plate 2 名厨出走记2之重新出发

2011   Home Makeover 玩家万岁
           Chef Apprentice 名厨实习生
           Show Me The Money 钱哪里有问题
           The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘
           Sizzling Wok 3 煮炒来咯! 3
           HDB Tai Tai 3 HDB太太3

2010   New CityBeat 城人新杂志
           Renci Charity Show 2010 仁心慈爱照万千
           Black Rose 爆料黑玫瑰
           Love On A Plate 名厨出走记
           New CityBeat 2 城人新杂志
           The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘
           Wedding 101 花月佳期
           Dream Potter 梦。窑匠

2009  Lunar New Year's Eve Special 牛转乾坤喜临门
         The Sheng Siong Show 2008/09 缤纷万千在昇菘
         Buzzing Cashier II 抢滩大行动 II
         Easy Cooking 七步成食
         Fashion Asia - Hong Kong 亚洲时尚风 – 香港
         The Sheng Siong Show 2009/10 缤纷万千在昇菘

2008   Buzzing Cashier 抢滩大行动
           Her Sense 女人香
           U Are The One 唯我独尊
           Food Hometown Teochew 美食寻根 - 潮州
           My Star Guide 3 – Japan 我的导游是明星II – 日本
           The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘
           Supreme Matron 超级好管家
           Super Tots 我是俏宝宝
           Channel 8 Countdown Party 8 频道跨年派对

2007   Lunar New Year Eve Special 2007 金猪贺岁庆肥年
           Never Too Old 新领屋
           Makeover Pte Ltd 请你来变装
           Code Red 爱上小红点
           The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘 -
           HDB Tai Tai 2 HDB太太 2
           Star Awards Prelude 2007 星光隧道2007
           Bioskin Dreams Come True 让你好看
           WOW Singapore 全新体验

2006   Pretty Woman II 想得美 II
           Never Say Die 永不言败
           Hey Hey Taxi 比比接车,比比乐
           It’s Showtime 全民创意争霸赛
           HDB Tai Tai HDB太太
           My Star Guide – Spain 我的导游是明星 – 西班牙
           Who Is Naughty And Nice 黑白讲
           Fact or Fiction? 真相大点击

2005    Chingay 2005 装艺大游行之奇思梦想
            Love Bites 缘来就是你
            Perfect 10 十分十全十美
            Pretty Woman 想得美
            National Day Parade 2005
            Get It Right 正是如此
            Oral B Smile Oral B 笑一笑, 比一比
            2 Love Bites 2 缘来就是你
            Small Kids, Big Wits 谁敢小看我
            Star Idol 明星偶像 S
            Superhost (as judge) 超级主持人

2000 to 2004 - Celebrity Travellers 自由万岁
                        Bon Voyage 一路风光
                        Live Unlimited 综艺无界限
                        SNAP season I, II, III 全星总动员I, II, III
                        Food Train season I, II 食在必行I, II
                        Top Ten 十不相瞒
                        Mama Mia All Star Potluck 食星报喜II
                        Beyond the Camourflage 与军共武
                        Mission Possible 地球无界线
                        At Your Service 服务加加加

1995 to 2000 - 城人杂志
                         Mini Concerts 

2021  Best Supporting Actress (My Guardian Angels), Star Awards 红星大奖 最佳女配角


2019 - All Time Favourite in Star Awards'19  红星大奖 超级红星

           Asian Rainbow TV Awards, Outstanding Host Award (Hainan, China)  亚洲彩虹

2018  Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人
          Best Supporting Actress (When Duty Calls), Star Awards 红星大奖 最佳女配角


2017 - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人

2016 - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Star Awards  红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人

2015 - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Star Awards  红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人

2013 - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Star Awards  红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人
           Best Variety Show Host for Jobs Around The World 最佳综艺主持人 - 走遍天涯打工乐

2012 - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人

2011 - Best Presenter (Love On A Plate), Star Awards 红星大奖 最佳主持人 (名厨出走记)

2007 - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人

2006 - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人
           Nomination for Best Variety Show Host (Love Bites 2), Star Awards 红星大奖
           最佳综艺主持人提名(缘来就是你 2)

2005 - Asian Television Awards - Best Comedy Actress (Durian King) 亚洲电视大奖 – 最佳喜


2003 - Asian Television Awards 2003 - Best Entertainment Presenter
           Best Entertainment Presenter for “Top Ten”
           Best Entertainment Programme for “ Top Ten”

2002 - Asian Television Awards 2002 - Best Light Entertainment Presenter/Performer (Highly


1999 - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards 红星大奖 十大最受欢迎女艺人
           Best Presenter (City Beat), Star Awards ‘99 红星大奖最佳主持人 (城人杂志)

1998 - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人
           Best Presenter (City Beat), Star Awards ‘98 红星大奖’98最佳主持人 (城人杂志) 


1999 - 追钟琴感

1994 - 小女人的独白

1992 - 真心属于你