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Lin Mei Jiao

Lin Mei Jiao


December 24




Mandarin, English, Hokkien


Acting, Hosting, Singing

Undoubtedly one of the best actresses in the industry, Lin Mei Jiao is a consummate artiste who has acted in countless drama serials. This thespian was also awarded the Best Supporting Actress at the Shanghai TV Film Festival in 1995 for her role in the drama serial “Silk & Romance”.

Her congenial and affable nature easily draws viewers to her.  In 2000, Mei Jiao landed her first Best Actress nomination at the Star Awards with her notable performance in “Hainan Kopi Tales”, a nostalgic drama that explores the Hainanese way of life from the 60s to 80s.

Her outstanding performances in “Three Women and A Half”, “Brotherhood” and “Romance de Amour” earned her three more Best Supporting Actress nominations at the Star Awards from 2001-2003.

In 2008, Mei Jiao was cast in “The Little Nyonya”, a storyline with a Peranakan setting that spans over 70 years starting in the 1930s.  This serial recorded the highest rating in local TV history to date since 1994.  Her convincing portrayal of Guihua, the evil matriarch of the Huang family garnered rave reviews and another nomination for Best Supporting Actress Award at the Star Awards.

The tides finally turned for Mei Jiao in 2013 when she took home her first Star Awards Best Supporting Actress trophy for playing a con artist in “Game Plan”.

In her 30-year showbiz career, this dedicated actress has acted in more than 100 drama serials. Mei Jiao is what one will call a rare gem in the fleeting world of entertainment.

In 2019, Meijiao won her 2nd Best Supporting Actress award with her role in "Fifty & Fabulous"



2020     柠檬苦茶 Bittersweet Love

             男神不败 Super dad

             爱...没有距离 Loving You


2019     帶你去走走 Jalan Jalan

            攻星计    After The Stars 

2018     带我去走走 Jalan Jalan

             西瓜甜不甜 Say Cheese

             五零高手 Fifty & Fabulous

2017     最强岳母 Mightiest Mother-In-Law

             吃饱没3 Eat Already 3

2016     勾魂使者 Soul Reaper

             富贵平安 Peace & Prosperity

             十年…你还好吗?If Only I Could…

2015     你也可以是天使 You Can Be An Angel Too

             初一的心愿 Life is Beautiful

             一家都不能少Families on the Edge

             分手快乐 Let it Go

             信约:我们的家园 The Journey : Our Homeland

             手牵手 Hand in Hand

            人生无所畏 Life Fear Not

2014     沙煲肉骨茶 Soup Of Life

             听 Mystic Whisperers

             最爱是你 In the Name of Love

2013     好运到 It’s A Wonderful Life

             小小传奇 Gonna Make It 

2012    最火搭档 II Unriddle II

             花样人间 Joys of Life

             千方百计 Game Plan

             实验视II 《兄弟》

             Xinmsn Testube II:《Brothers》

2011     拍卖 Secrets For Sale

             阿娣 Devotion

             四个门牌一个梦 Love Thy Neighbor

2010    红白囍事 New Beginnings


             Carlsberg Telemovie Showcase

             最火搭档 Unriddle

             泳闯琴关 No Limits

             破天网 Breakout

2009     双子星 The Ultimatum

             书包太重 My School Daze

             添丁发财 Baby Bonus

             The Pupil

             向日葵的约定 The Promise

2008     变奏曲 Rhythm of Life                         

             心花朵朵开 Love Blossoms I & II

             小娘惹  The Little Nonya

             未来不是梦 The Dream-Catchers

2007     最高点 The Peak

             萤火虫的梦 Let It Shine

             手足 I & II Kinship I & II

             幸运星 Switched!

             缘之烩 Taste of Love

2006     法庭俏佳人Family Matters

             人生旅途: 迷失

             Life Story: Delinquent Turned Good

2005     门当户对 II Family Combo II             

             法医X档案2 之红色电流

             Beyond The Axis Of Truth 2

             拥抱明天 A Promise for Tomorrow

             至尊红颜 Women of Times

             刑警二人组 C.I.D.

2004     我爱我家之真情实录 Chronicles of Life

             辣兄辣妹 Spice Siblings

             孩有明天 II A Child’s Hope II

             野蛮亲家 My Mighty In laws

2003    一切由慎开始II Health Matters II

             好儿好女II Vive La Famille II

             真心英雄 True Heroes

             一加一等于三 Romance De Amour

             吃吃面包谈谈情 A Toast of Love

2002    好儿好女 Vive La Famille

             有情有义 Brotherhood

             春到人间 Springs Of Life

2001     三个半女人 3 Women And A Half

             大酒店 The Hotel

2000     爱情百科 Knotty Liaison

             心灵物语 The Voices Within

             琼园咖啡香 Hainan Kopi Tales

1999    摩登状元Back To School

             笑傲江湖 The Legendary Swordsman

             法庭故事 From The Courtroom

1998    七个梦之圣诞小人 Dreams

             欲望街车 Driven By A Car

             陌生人 Riding The Storm

             小说剧场II Singapore Short Stories II

1997    冲出保险区(电视电影) The Fall Guy

             单身女郎 Roses, Complete With Thorns

1994     情网 Bond Of Love

             情丝万缕 Silk & Romance

             还我真情(电视电影) Regarding Our Childhood

1993    荡寇英雄 The Brave One 

1992    霹雳红唇 Ladies In Action

             轰天龙虎斗 Duel In Shanghai

1991    醋劲100 The Other Woman

             三面夏娃 Pretty Faces

1990    乱世黎明 When Dawn Breaks

             逆风天使 By My Side

             最佳配偶 Marry Me

1989    钻石人生 Fortune Hunter

             剑断江湖 The Sword Rules

1988    芝麻绿豆 Neighbours

             牛车水人家 Teahouse In Chinatown

1987    戏班 Painted Faces

             冷月剑无言 Fury Of The Dragon

             君子好逑 I Do

             芝麻绿豆 Neighbours

             奇缘之银河星 Strange Encounters

             边缘少年 On The Fringe

1986    盗日英雄传 Men Of Valour

             红头巾 Samsui Women

             红绿灯 Crossroads II

             天涯同命鸟 The Bond

             调色板 Paint A Rainbow

1985    人在旅途 Takeover

             亚答籽 Son Of Pulau Ubin

             少年英雄 Young Heroes

             吾爱吾家 Home Is Where Love Is

             咖啡乌 Coffee Shop


2015 - 3688 想入飞飞


1994 - Regarding Our Childhood 还我真情


2005 - 黄金年华 Golden Age

2004 - 黄金年华 Golden Age


2019   Star Awards ’19 Best Supporting Actress (Fifty and Fabulous)

2013   Star Awards ’13 Best Supporting Actress (Game Plan)

1993   Shanghai TV Film Festival Best Supporting Actress (Silk & Romance)