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Priscelia Chan

Priscelia Chan


November 06




Mandarin, English


Acting, Hosting, Dancing

Priscelia has been steadily building her craft since her foray into the entertainment world in 1999.  A consistent performer, Priscelia has impressed the judges with her magnetic charm in “Star Search '99 Finals” that she was immediately offered a contract with MediaCorp.

Priscelia's debut role was as an innocuous nun in a mega-drama production, ‘The Legendary Swordsman”, where she acted alongside regional veteran actors from Taiwan.  Her big breakthrough was “In Pursuit Of Peace”, where she played a devoted and brave woman who is emotionally dependent on her man.

Being a co-host in the Chinese variety programme “Super TV Champion & Chong Qing Discovery”, Priscelia tackles yet another dimension of the performing acts and continues to scale new heights in her craft.  An effectively bilingual performer, Priscelia also played lead roles in English drama series including “Heartlander” and “My Sassy Neighbour”.

A combination of beauty, diligence and talent, Priscelia’s path to stardom never shone brighter.  In 2006, Priscelia was involved in a regional production “Legend & Hero”.  Priscelia plays an army general alongside regional artistes Liu De Kai and Fan Bing Bing in this period drama.

2011 sees Priscelia starring in the first Singapore-Japan collaborative TV effort “Mooncake” alongside Japanese model Shinobu Otsuka. The following year, this chirpy lass was cast as a materialistic songstress in a 4-episode drama “The Day it Rained On Our Parade”.  This special drama that commemorates our National Day captures the spirit of unity and loyalty in a heart-warming story.

In 2013, Priscelia’s villainous turn as a jealous and spiteful woman in the year-end blockbuster “The Journey: A Voyage” received much attention and praise from both the media and viewers.  Her noteworthy performance was not only recognised by the jury with a Best Supporting Actress nomination at Star Awards 20th Anniversary, she was also lauded with the Rocket Award for her breakthrough in her craft, her first win after 15 years in showbiz. In the same year, “The Journey: A Voyage” earned her a nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 19th Asian Television Awards.



2020   回路网 All Around You

           内颤 Terror Within 

           森林生存记 Jungle Survivor (In Progress)


2019 看见看不见的你 I See You


2017  吃饱没 2 Eat Already? 2

          118 2

          回家 Home Truly

2016  复仇女王 The Queen

         勾魂使者 Soul Reaper

          富贵平安 Peace & Prosperity 

2015  Code of Law season 3

          我要的幸福 Blissful Living

2014   Missy先生 The Caregivers

           最爱是你 In The Name Of Love

           Mata Mata : The New Era《女警先锋2》


2013   96°C咖啡 96oC Café

          爱情风险 Love At Risk

          Serangoon Road (HBO Asia)

          信约:唐山到南洋 The Journey: A Voyage

2012   实验视《侦查剧场》 Xinmsn Testube: Play This Mystery

          那一年我们淋着雨 The Day It Rained On Our Parade                                               

          微笑正义Poetic Justice

2011   喜事年年 Prosperity

          警徽天职 C.L.I.F

          爱要怎么说?Shall We Talk

          星洲之夜 A Song To Remember

          朋友 Mooncake

2010   The Pupil

          游戏人生 Priceless Wonder

          红白囍事 New Beginnings

          三个女人一个宝 Precious Babes

          最火搭档 Unriddle

          走进走出 The Family Court

2009   封神榜 Legend & Hero (China co-pro)

          一切完美 II Perfect Cut II

2008   心花朵朵开 I Love Blossoms I

           心花朵朵开 II Love Blossoms II

           大城情事Where the Heart is

2007   Police and Thief season 4

           My Sassy Neigbour 3 我的野蛮邻居 3

           女婿当家 Dear, Dear Son-In-Law

           黄金路 The Golden Path

2006   My Sassy Neighbour 2 我的野蛮邻居2

          百万宝 A Million Treasures

2005   My Sassy Neighbour 我的野蛮邻居

          Heartlanders IV 街坊风云IV

          法医档案II Beyond the Axis of Truth II

          同心圆II Portrait of Home II

2004   我爱我家 I Love My Home

          喜临门 I Double Happiness I

          喜临门 II Double Happiness II

2003   美丽家庭 Love is Beautiful

          同一屋檐下 My Love My Home

          吃吃面包谈谈情 A Toast of Love

          Heartlander III 街坊风云III

2002   河水山 Bukit Ho Swee

          星梦情真 Fantasy

          春到人间 Springs Of Life

2001   何日军再来 In Pursuit of Peace

           法医X档案 Beyond The Axis of Truth

           大酒店 The Hotel

           发财八百万 Lucky Numbers

2000   笑傲江湖 The Legendary Swordsman

          我爱黄金屋 Four Walls and a Ceiling

          心灵物语 The Voices Within


2020 - Deal for Joy 好货驾到

2015 - Lunar New Year Shopper's Guide 农历新年消费情报站

2014 - Shoppers’Guide 2014 消费情报站
           Parents' Guide 亲子情报站
           Shoppers’Guide 2014 II 消费情报站 II

2012 - Quaint (Korea) 小镇风情(韩国)

2009 - Stars For A Cause (Cambodia) 明星志工队(柬埔寨)

2007 - Chong Qing Discovery 麻辣重庆

2006 - Lodge with Me (Msia ep) 随我行,随我宿

2003 - One Fun Day (Australia ep) 惊喜一整天(澳洲)

2002 - Super TV Champion 超级电视迷


2015            Star Awards Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes《红星大奖》                        二十大最受欢迎女艺人

2014            Star Awards 20th Anniversary Rocket Award 《红星大奖’20》年                        度飞跃奖

                   Nominee for Star Awards 20th Anniversary Best Supporting                             Actress (The Journey: A Voyage)
                   入围 <红星大奖’20> 最佳女配角 (信约:唐山到南洋)

                   Nominee for the 19th Asian Television Awards Best Actress in a                       Supporting Role (The Journey Voyage).  入围第19届《亚洲电视                       大奖》最佳女配角 (信约:唐山到南洋)

2006-2013     Star Awards Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes                                            《红星大奖》二十大最受欢迎女艺人

2003-2004     Star Awards Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes                                            《红星大奖》二十大最受欢迎女艺人

2000              Female Magazine’s 50 Most Gorgeous People 2000                                          获选《 Female》杂志50绮丽女士之一