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Xiang Yun

Xiang Yun


October 27




Mandarin, English, Cantonese


Acting, Hosting, Dancing

Xiang Yun, consummate actress and elegant beauty never fails to make her audience sit up and take notice of her.  The thespian has acted in countless productions and garnered bags of accolades.  Her versatility enables her to tackle both leading and supporting roles.

She made an impact in her first major role as that of an ill-fated and long-suffering wife who was sold to Singapore in Awakening.  Her name was used to headline many major productions that were well received by viewers.  Her unyielding efforts won major recognition when she was awarded the Best Supporting Actress thrice (1998, 2000, 2001 & 2009) in MediaCorp’s annual Star Awards.

From the TV screen, Xiang Yun went on to stage in the first local Chinese musical December Rains.  She has also recently forayed into hosting and viewers’ response has been good.  Her endearing and easy-going hosting style has made her a household name. In 2003, Xiang Yun was chosen to act in one of English telemovies in a script-writing contest organised by the Singapore Film Commission and Raintree Pictures. Though it is her first English stint, Xiang Yun delivered her best performance as the struggling mother who sells turtle soup at a hawker centre in Sweet Dreams & Turtle Soup.

This award-winning actress made her silver screen debut in I Not Stupid I and II, which was the second highest money grossing local film in Singapore

In 2019, Xiang Yun shoot the china version of Little Nyonya and received overwelming response in China when its aired in 2020.


TV Serial 电视剧

2021     邻里帮 (In progress)

             关键证人  Key Witness 

2020     新.小娘惹New Little Nyonya

             森林生存记 Jungle Survivor 

             小心啊 谢宇航 Watch out! Alexius 

             心里住着老灵魂 Old Soul 

             触心罪探 Mind Jumper

2019     我的左邻右里 Dear Neighbours

             我的万里挑一 My one in  a Million 

2018     加文纳桥的约定 Love at Cavenagh Bridge

             分裂 Divided

             心点心 Heart to Heart

2017     第一主角The first Lead

             小人物向前冲Life Less Ordinary

2016   富贵平安Peace and Prosperity
           你也可以是天使 You can be an angel 2

2015    长辈甜心 Super Senior  
            吻我吧,住家男 Sealed with a kiss
            钱来运转 House of fortune
            快乐第一班 First Campus

2014    Missy 先生 The Caregivers
            你也可以是天使 You can be an angel too

2013    爱情风险 Love @ Risk
            新洲档案 Serangoon Road (HBO drama)
            Served Hot_烧。卖

2012    再见双人床 Pillow Talk
            孤男寡女 Yours Fatefully
            X元素 Beyond
            创! Start Up!

2011    最火搭档 2 Unriddle 2

2010    最火搭档 Unriddle
            无花果 The Score
            乐在双城  Tale in two cities

2009    添丁发财 Baby Bonus
            游戏人生 Priceless Wonder

2008    沸腾冰点The Defining Moment
           小娘惹 The Little Nyonya
           煮妇的假期 Housewife Holiday

2007    萤火虫的梦 Let It Shine
            手足 Kinship

2006   让爱自邮 Yours Always
           爱情零度C  Love at 0 degrees
           小孩不笨2 I’m Not Stupid Too (sitcom)

2005   同心圆 Portrait of Home I & II

2004   心网追 凶 Crime Hunters
           喜临门I, II Double Happiness I, II

2003    荷兰村 Holland Village
           Sweet Dreams & Turtle Soup
           无炎的爱 Always On My Mind

2002   一切由慎开始 Health Matters
           河水山 Bukit Ho Swee
           星梦情真 Fantasy
           浓浓咖啡乌 Kopi-O II
           小孩不笨 I Not Stupid

2001   星锁 Looking For Stars
           谁与争锋 The Challenge
           大酒店 The Hotel
           谁是No. 1

2000   家事 My Home Affairs

1999   福满人间 Wok Of Life
           新方世玉 Heroes Of The Times
           小岛醒了 My Teacher My Friend

1998   珍珠街坊 Around People’s Park
          芽 笼, 芽 笼 Living In Geylang
          石 叻 坡 传 说  Myths & Legends
         小说剧场之天算 Singapore Short Stories

1997  和平的代价 Price Of Peace
          不老传说 Immortal Love
          医生档案  From The Medical Files

1996  老师的日记 Dairy Of A Teacher
          三水红头巾 Samsui Women
          第三类剧场 IITales Of The Third Kind II           
          环境剧老板放轻松! Give Me A Break!

1995  曲终魂断 The Last Rhythm
          新视电影有儿万事足When A Child Is Born
          阎罗传奇 Kind Of Hades
          金枕头  Golden Pillow

1994  冷太阳 Scorned Angel
          共创荆途 Against All Odds

1993  暴雨狂花 Angel Of Vengeance
          未了情 Endless Love
          斗气姐妹 The Wilful Siblings

1992  悲欢岁月 Women Of Substance
          妙男正传 The Male Syndrome

1990  幻海奇遇 Wishing Well
          天眼 Enchanted Eyes

1989   鼓舞青春  Magic Of Dance
           铁警雄风 Patrol
           丝路迷城 Return Of The Prince

1988   舞榭歌台 The Last Applause
          奇缘之<<客 途 秋 恨>> Strange Encounters   
          空军 Airforce Special
          迷离夜之<<琴>> Mystery

1987  戏班  Painted Faces
          世纪情 Heiress

1986  咖啡乌 The Coffeeshop
          盗日英雄传 Men Of Valour
          天崖同命鸟  The Bond

1985  人在旅途 Takeover
          铁蝴蝶 The Unyielding Butterflies

1984    雾锁南洋之<<天长地九>>及
           <<狮 城 拂 晓>> The Awakening 阳光密糖 Blossoms In The Sun
           雾锁南洋之<<风 雨 同 舟>>及赤道朝阳 The Awakening II

1983   春风得意 Double Blessings
           捷径 All That Glitters Is Not Gold

1982   Children’s Drama


2014 - Ms J Contemplates Her Choice

2011 - I Not Naughty 小孩不坏

2010 - It’s a great great world 大世界

2005 - I Not Stupid Too 小孩不笨 2

2003 - Homerun 跑吧!孩子!

2002 - I Not Stupid 小孩不笨

           My Valentine 二月十四


2021    银色嘉年华 Silver carnival 2021

2020    银色嘉年华 Silver carnival 2020

2019    银色嘉年华 Silver carnival 2019

2018    银色嘉年华 Silver carnival 2018

2017     银色嘉年华 Silver carnival 2017

2015 - The Reunions (SG50 documentary)

2012 - 黄金年华 Living the Golden Age

2011 - Shall We talk
           Living the Golden Age 黄金年华

2010 - Living the Golden Age 黄金年华

2009 - Living the Golden Age 黄金年华

2008 - Golden Age 黄金年华

2007 - Golden Age 黄金年华
            Vitagen Info-entainment

2006 - Golden Age 黄金年华
            Vitagen Info-entainment
            My Star Guide 我的明星是导游

2003 - True Courage 逆境恿者

2000 - True Courage 逆境恿者
            City Network 都市新干线

1998 - Golden Age 黄金年华

1995 - ExtraOrdinary People 时事节目- 不平凡的人

1994 - Afternoon Leisure Hour 午后闲情

1993 - Consumer News

1986 - Family Hour 三开时间

1985 - Family Hour 三开时间


2019     红星大奖’14 长青奖 Evergreen Artiste Awards (Winner) – Peace and                 Prosperity

2017     红星大奖’14 长青奖 Evergreen Artiste Awards (Winner) – Peace and                 Prosperity

2014   Best Supporting Actress Award nominee 
           红星大奖’14 最佳女配角 (异能元素)         


2010   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

2009   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

           Best Supporting Actress Award (Little Nyonya)
           最佳女配角 (小娘惹)          

2007   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ’07

2006   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ’06

2005   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ’05

2004   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ’04

2003   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ’03

2002   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ’02

2001   Best Supporting Actress Award, Star Awards ‘01
           红星大奖’01 最佳女配角 (谁 与 争 锋)        

           Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ’01

2000   Best Supporting Actress Award, Star Awards ‘00
           红星大奖’00最佳女配角 (家 事)          

           Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ‘00

1998   Best Supporting Actress Award, Star Awards ’98
           红星大奖’98最佳女配角 (珍 珠 街 坊)           

1995   Special Achievement Award, Star Awards ’95



Nation Maid
Stress Belly


Yun Nam Haircare


2009 - Peranakan Ball 娘惹之恋

2001 - Butterflies Are Free 蝴蝶春情

1996 - December Rain 舞台剧:雨季