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Carrie Wong

Carrie Wong


January 01




English, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese



Carrie Wong spent her early years as a model strutting the runways before she found her true calling – acting. After her remarkable performance in Channel U’s hit reality show Hey Gorgeous, she landed a role in Channel U’s rugby-themed drama, Scrum.

In 2014, Carrie was cast opposite TV heavyweights Christopher Lee and Rui En, as a murderous schizophrenic in the Chinese Drama serial Against the Tide. Later that year, Carrie was involved in the year-end blockbuster Tumultuous Times, the second drama serial of The Journey trilogy. Subsequently she landed a role in the long-running 255-episodes family drama 118. In 2015, Carrie again surprised the audience with her outstanding performance as a lead role in a romantic comedy Sealed with a Kiss, starring Elvin Ng, Rebecca lim and Zhang Zhen Huan.

At 2015 Star Awards ceremony, Carrie's stellar performance as Tang Shui Mei (Sweet Soup Lass) in Tumultuous Times had earned her the nomination of Best Supporting Actress and Best New Comer. In the same award ceremony, Carrie won her first Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award; and earned her first endorsement deal for a popular beverage drink the same year. In 2017, Carrie won Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award consecutively for the third time.

In 2018, she attained her first Star Awards Best Actress nomination for her role in My Friends From Afar and 2019, she scored yet another nomination for her applauding role in VIC. 

2020, In A Quest to Heal (a Mediacorp blockbuster whereby the entire production went to film in China, Hengdian); she plays the female lead Luo Mingyi, a woman who time-travelled from the Ming Dynasty to present day Singapore.


2021   人心鉴定师 The Peculiar Pawnbroker


2020   味之道 Recipe Of Life

           我的女侠罗明依 A Quest To Heal


2019   下一站, 遇见 Hello Miss Driver

            我的万里挑一 My One in a Million

            都市狅想  A World Of Difference


2018    你也可以是天使 3 You Can Be An Angel 3

            加文纳桥的约定 Love At Cavenagh Bridge

            维多利亚的模力 VIC

            118 第二季 118 Series 2
            知星人 My Friends From Afar           


2017    梦想程式 Dream Coder

            流氓经纪 My Agent Is A Hero

2016    来自水星的男人 The Gentleman

             你也可以是天使 2 You Can be Angel 2

             家有一保 Don’t Worry, Be Healthy


2015    人生无所畏 Life – Fear Not

            吻我吧, 住家男 Sealed With A Kiss

            音为爱 Love On Air


2014    118    

            信约:动荡的年代 The Journey: Tumultuous Times   

            逆潮 Against The Tide    

            冲锋 Scrum

2015   Love on Air (pilot) 音为爱

2014   Style: Check-in season 5潮人攻略 5

2013   Style: Check-in season 2潮人攻略 2

2021     Best Actress nomination for A Quest To Heal, Star Awards 红星大奖最佳女主角


              Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人


2019     Best Actress nomination for VIC, Star Awards 红星大奖最佳女主角提名,VIC

              Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人


2018     Best Actress nomination, My Friends From Afar, Star Awards 红星大奖最佳女主角


             Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人


2017     Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人


2016     Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人

              Social Media Award, Star Awards 红星大奖社交媒体奖


2015    Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste, Star Awards 红星大奖十大最受欢迎女艺人