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He Ying Ying

He Ying Ying


January 28




Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Hokkien


Dancing, Acting, Singing, Hosting

Ying Ying was spotted on campus as she was going for class, and asked to join Mediacorp’s talent scouting competition Hey Gorgeous in 2015. She emerged as one of the top three contestants, and her beautiful smile clinched the “Audience Choice Best Smile Award”.

Ying Ying started ballet lessons when she was three, and used to perform at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Her highest ballet qualification is Advance Year 1. She also learnt different dance disciplines such as jazz, contemporary dance and Chinese dance. In 2014, Ying Ying was scouted to join her faculty's beauty pageant at NUS (National University of Singapore) Art Bash 2014, and won the title of “Miss Elegance”.

She made her acting debut in 2016 as the female lead in Toggle’s web drama Run Rachael Run. Her outstanding performance in Run Rachael Run was nominated for the “Best Leading Actress” at the Bilbao Web Fest 2016 in Spain. 

After starring as a wilful young adult in Hero, she continued to impress as a hare-brained waitress in 118 Season 2 in 2017, which helped this young lass to bag her first Star Awards nomination for "Best Newcomer" in 2018. The Same Year, A Million Dollar Dream, whereby Ying Ying acted acting alongside with Zoe Tay and Chen Han Wei, received the highest viewership for drama serials. And she is also nominated for her role in this drama for Star Awards 2019 "Best Supporting Actress". In 2019, Ying Ying is seen with Fann Wong in the Chinese Drama Walk With Me. 



2022  黑天使 Dark Angel 

2021  心里住着老灵魂 Soul Old Yet So Young

          邻里帮 The Heartland Hero 

2020 致2020的我们 Best Friends Forever 

         森林生存记 Jungle Survivor 

2019 攻星计 After The Stars

         警徽天职之海岸卫队 C.L.I.F 5

         我的左邻右里 Dear Neighbours

         谢谢你出现在我的行程里 Walk With Me

         谢谢你出现在我的行程里-那年的我们 Walk With Me – Stories of Us 

         爱•起航 Voyage of Love

2018 不平凡的平凡 Reach for the Skies (150集长剧 150-ep long form drama)

          Ghost A.R (Toggle online)

          梦行者 Dream Walker (Toggle online 网剧)

          给我一百万 A Million Dollar Dream

          寂寞鱼。听见 A Lonely Fish (Toggle online 网剧)

          吃饱没? 4 Eat Already? 4 (Special Appearance for last ep)

          118 大团圆 118 Reunion

2017 1182 (208集长剧 208-ep long form drama)

          第一主角 The Lead

2016 大英雄 Hero

         吃饱没? Eat Already? (方言福建剧 Hokkien dialect drama)

         Run Rachael Run (Toggle online 网剧)

2017     One Night Food Trip (guest host w Korean artistes Eric Nam & Bernard Park)

2016     W 计划 Project W

2019 Nominee for Star Awards ’19 Best Supporting Actress (A Million Dollar Dream) 入围《红星大奖’19》最佳女配角 (给我一百万)

2018 Nominee for Star Awards ’17 Best Newcomer (118 season 2) 入围《红星大奖’17》最佳新人 (1182)

2016 Bilbao Web Fest 2016 “Best Leading Actress” Nomination (Run Rachel Run)

2015 Hey Gorgeous Top 3《校园美魔王 2015》前3强

        Hey Gorgeous, Audience Choice Best Smile Award《校园美魔王 2015》观众票选最迷人          笑容奖

2014 NUS Art Bash 2014, Miss Elegance 新加坡国立大学 2014年 - 优雅小姐