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JJ Neo

JJ Neo


November 23




Mandarin, English


Acting, Singing, Dancing, Songwriting, Hosting

JJ's passion for singing and acting was evident from a young age. Having resided in Taipei from 2007-2012, her teenage years were spent immersed in both English and Mandarin pop songs. As a result, she thoroughly enjoyed performing songs for various school events. JJ was also heavily involved in her school's theatre program, where she wrote, directed, and starred in countless plays.

Since 2015, JJ has collaborated with indie electronica music producers from the US, UK, France, and Australia whom she writes lyrics, melodies, and also sings for. Her collaborations have been released on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube. She enjoys exploring different genres of music and wishes to translate her indie electronica elements into Mandarin pop songs.

After being approached by a talent scout, JJ was encouraged to join the Acting Category of Huayi Brothers Icon Search in 2018. Though the talent competition was her first attempt at acting in Mandarin, JJ was crowned winner of the Acting Category in Singapore. This took her to Shenzhen, China where she competed alongside 51 other contestants from China, Melbourne, Sydney, and Toronto in the grand finals of the competition. JJ emerged as one of the final winners, walking away with an exclusive invitation to the Shanghai International Film festival as a performing artiste.

In 2020, JJ and Jarrell collaborated and worked on a Covid song "The Light" that is recognized nation wide, the song is not only shared by many, our prime minister Lee Hsien Loong also shared the song on his social media.

A philosophy major at the National University of Singapore, JJ’s lust for life and sunny outlook motivates her to keep embarking on new challenges in music, acting and hosting.



2022         卫国先锋2 When Duty Calls


                 别来无恙  Truths About Us

2021         邻里帮  The Heartland Hero 

                 Future Proof        

2019         都市狂想 《 选择父母 》A World Of Difference (Toggle) 

2018         戏 ,不是这样拍的 Demystifying TV (Toggle)



2021      Mind Blown! 

2019     学长学姐好样的!Thumbs Up! Senior

             全民出来走走 SG Explorers (Guest Host)


2021    Food Chase

2019    两代美味关 系 Taste of Love (Guest)



2020   The Light - collaboration with Jarrell Huang

            没时间 (Solo Single)

2017   Hide & Seek – NUDE ft. JJ

           In my Mind – NUDE ft. JJ


2016  Crush – Filip and MYRNE ft. JJ

          Intermission – Dirty Chocolate and MYRNE ft. JJ


2015  Jeune – MYRNE ft. JJ

          Rainflora – MYRNE ft. JJ

          Bones – MYRNE ft. JJ

          Cut the rope – NUDE and stolensnares ft. JJ

          Drusilla – Stélouse and stolensnares ft. JJ


2013  Demolition – Stolensnares ft. JJ

2018   Winner of 2018 Huayi Brothers Icon Search Acting Category, Singapore Region



           Winner of 2018 Huayi Brothers Icon Search, Shenzhen Grand Finals



            Invited Performing Singer for 2018 Shanghai International Film Festival