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Quan Yi Fong

Quan Yi Fong


March 01




Mandarin, Hokkien


Singing, Hosting

Chuan Yi Fong's debut in the highly rated sitcom, "Don't Worry Be Happy", was such a hit that every household remembers her as the bimbotic yet endearing wife of Chew Chor Meng. Today, Quan Yi Fong is the mouth-piece of the regular Singaporean and her candour is welcomed by both classes of  audience.

Chuan Yi Fong was from the-then SBC compere course and the top student no less. Immediately after, she was signed on to be a full-time compere with MediaCorp. A choice host, Yi Fong has been the anchor for numerous variety programmes including mega shows like Star Search and Ren Ci Charity.

A household name known for her acerbic wit, Yi Fong is one female artiste with enough gusto to call her own!

Yifong beats renowned Hong Kong hosts Bowie Tsang of ATV and Dong Qing of CCTV (China) for the Best Programme Host (Female) through her emotive performance in Life Transformers 2 at the inaugural Asia Rainbow TV Awards organized by HK Televisioners Association and China TV Production Committee, held in Hong Kong in Mar 2011.

Yifong won her 2nd “Best Variety” host award in 2013 Star Awards and 1st “Best Info-ed” host award 2014 Star Awards. After stopping for several years in acting,  Yifong finally returned to acting in 2015 with a movie “Fast and Fabulous” end Dec 2015.

Yifong is currently the only host in the local entertainment industry who won 7 hosting awards. 



2022 Fat Hope 超磅名模 (Coming soon)

2016 Young & Fabulous 最佳伙伴

2009 The Wedding Game 大喜事 

1999 Twelve Storey 十二楼 



2010 Carlsberg Telemovie Series Episode 1 

1997 The Scoop Joey 迷情专访 

1995 Love Knows No Bounds Xiu Hui 甜甜屋 

         Pointed Triangle Shi Jia 杀之恋

1994 Love Dowry Min 爱情定金 




2021    权听你说 2 Hear U Out 2

2020    权听你说 Hear U Out

            怡凤和妹妹的厨房 Yifong and Eleanor Kitchen

2019   古早味侦探 Old Taste Detective

           我是媒体人Beyond the Cameras

           线人 3 Fixer 3 

           我的明星是导游 14 My Star Guide 14

           新年特备节目 2019 Chinese New Year Countdown Show 2019

          真情无障爱 2019  SPD Charity 2019 

           才华横溢出新秀 -户外海选 


2018   我赚到了 Thrift Hunters

           室内新玩家 Play House

           Chinese New Year Show 2018

           听我说 Voices

           线人 2 Fixer 2

           红星大奖 2018 Star Awards 2018

           翻乡找味 Taste of Nanyang

           SPOP Semi final and final


2017    爱心72小时 Hearts and Hugs

           不一样的旅店 Unique Lodging

           说走就走短假期 Take a break

           咕鸡咕鸡庆丰年 2017 Chinese New Year Eve show

           真情无障爱 SPD charity show 2017

         我的明星是导游 My Star Guide 12

          线人 Fixer

2016   爱上GIANT过肥年 2016 Giant 2016
           情牵白首爱不息 Lion Charity Show 2016 
           四大名厨 4 Celebrity Chef
           金星火星大不同 II Mars VS Venus II
           游市集 Market in Asia
           爱心72小时 Hearts and Hugs 
           衣橱密语 Closet Secret
           好说快说一起说 Your Thoughts Please
2015   爱上GIANT过肥年 2015 Giant Fest 2015
           邻里厨王2 Neighbourhood chef 2
           妆艺大游行2015 Chinggay 2015
           真情无障爱 2015 SPD charity 2015
           红星大奖2015 Star Awards 2015 show 2
           今天我代班 Leave It All To Me
           异乡。驿客 Home away from home
           家家有COURTS赢奖乐 The Courts show

2014   爱上GIANT过肥年 2014 Giant Fortune 2014
           Hey You!
           骏马奔腾喜迎春 LNY show
           Kids In Charge
           寻8先锋 Finding 8
           爆料黑玫瑰2 Black Rose 2
           哪里出问题2 Shoot it 2  
           到底住哪里 Where to stay
           公子爱挑战 Round and Round we go
           学校没有教的事 What your school never teach
           女人俱乐部3 Ladies Nites 3  
           星货我来卖 Celebrity Bazaar

2013 - Giant Fortune 2013
           Volkswagen Game Show
           It's a wonderful world talkshow
           Spot The Difference
           Laughing out loud 笑笑没烦恼
           Shoot it  哪里出问题
           My Star Guide (HongKong)
           红星大奖 2013 show  2
           Finding You 寻U先锋
           Stir it Up! 电视拌饭
           Foodie Dash

2012 - Star Reunion 那些年,我们一起看电视  
           United Neighbour Society
           Simply Exquisite 食分高下
           Love in process
           I Love I like i不释手

2011 - 爱上GIANT 过肥年
           Power Duet K歌2击队 
           Show me the money 钱哪里有问题
           Dietary Errors 饮食误区.
           Love on the plates 2

2010 - Lunar New Year Special show 2010
           Giant Fortune 2010
           Black Rose 爆料黑玫瑰
           KFC Breakfast KFC 早餐大比拼
           Thong Chai Charity 2010
           Star Awards 2010  《红星大奖2010》  
           Life Navigator 
           Star Search 2010
           New Citybeat 2

2009 - Buzzing Cashier II 抢摊大行动
           Lunar New Year Special Show 2009
           Gotcha, Kids! 娃娃看世界
           Celebritea Talk Show II
           Buzzing Cashier II 抢摊大行动
           Housewive Pte Ltd 主妇的春天
           Giant Star 2009
           Celebs on board
           Life Transformer Season 2

2008 - SPOP Hurray! S-POP万岁
           Buzzing Cashier 抢摊大行动
           Have A Giant Fun Time
           King of Thrift 2 Smart省钱王 2
           Celebritea TalkShow
           Giant Star
           Follow me to Glamour
           Women on Top 女人大主意
           Life Transformer
           Super Mummy
           King of Thrift 3 省钱王

2007 - SuperSavers 省省赢家赢新年 
           Lunar New Year Eve Special 2007 金猪贺岁庆肥年
           Chingay Parade of Dreams 妆艺大游行之奇思梦想 
           Wonder Baby 无敌宝宝擂台赛 
           King of Thrift Smart省钱王
           Numbers Game 数战速决
           Ren Ci Charity Show 2007 仁心慈爱照万千
           THK Charity Show   一心一德为善乐                               
           The ABC's of Water 洁净所能水中乐                  
           When Cupid Strikes Hello有缘人 
           Maria is not at home Maria 今天不在家
           Be A Giant Star星光灿烂 Giant Star 2007
           Society for Physically Disabled charity show 真情无障爱
           Shoot III  有话就说III
           Star Search 2007 才华横溢出新秀
           Law by Law 赢了Law  
           Good Food Fun Cook 餐餐宝餐餐好
           OSIM iGift uHealthy OSIM送礼更健康
           Star Awards 2007 - 25th Drama Anniversary show 红星大奖之戏剧情牵25
           Star Awards 2007 红星大奖

2006 - Superhost 超级主持人 
           Ren Ci Charity Show 仁心慈爱照万千 
           Lunar New Year Eve Special 2006 吉祥灵犬庆新春 
           Seeking The Right One  选好就结婚                                
           THK Charity Show  一心一德为善乐                              
           May Day Concert
           Shoot2 有话就说
           Starry Starry Night 2006                                                 
           What's Art 什么艺思
           Project Superstar 绝对Superstar  
           Star Chef 名厨玩味

2005 - Ren Ci Charity Show 2005 仁心慈爱照万千
           Chingay Parade of Dreams 妆艺大游行之奇思梦想 
           Lunar New Year Show 天鸡报喜贺新春
           Life Scent 花花都市 
           Love Bites 缘来就是你
           Shoot! 有话就说
           NKF Charity Show 1 爱相随
           NKF Charity Show 2 展豪情
           What Women Want  2X 真女人   
           Project Superstar 绝对Superstar
           NKF Cancer Show 1 风雨同舟献真心
           Cenosis Beauty Quest 2  
           Superhost 超级主持人
           Cenosis Beauty Quest 3
           Condo & The City 寓望城市

2000-2004 - ‘Live’Unlimited 综艺无界限        
                     Happy Rules 开心就好
                     Ready Steady Go全民出动抢鲜玩 
                     Food Train 食在必行
                     AHA! 拉票超人王
                     Dream Challengers 圆梦心计划 
                     Amazing Grace 有心仁事
                     Never Say Bye Bye 病非末日II 
                     Ren Ci Charity Show 2003-2004 仁心慈爱照万千 
                     Ready Steady Go 2 全民出动抢鲜玩2 
                     Mall & More 夺宝三响炮
                     Ultimate Tastebud 食在好吃
                     Do Re Mi 发搜搜搜

 1992-2000 - River Hong Bao Show
                      Star Search Final 1993 才华横溢出新秀 
                      Star Search Final 1995 才华横溢出新秀
                      President’s Star Charity 总统星光慈善
                      Pioneer Aisa KTV Contes                       


2022       红星大奖’ 22 最佳综艺/资讯主持人 Best Variety/info ad Show Host, Star Awards ‘22

2021       红星大奖’ 21 最佳综艺/资讯主持人 Best Variety/info ad Show Host, Star Awards ‘21

2019       红星大奖’ 19 最佳综艺/资讯主持人 Best Variety/info ad Show Host, Star Awards ‘19

2018      红星大奖’ 18 最佳综艺主持人 Best Variety Show Host, Star Awards ‘18

2017     红星大奖’ 17 最佳综艺主持人 Best Variety Show Host, Star Awards ‘17

             红星大奖’ 17 超级红星 All Time Favourite Artiste Awards

2016   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards‘16
           红星大奖 16 十大最受欢迎女艺人 

2015   Best info ed Host, Star Awards ‘15
           红星大奖’ 15 最佳资讯节目主持人      

           Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards‘15
           红星大奖 15 十大最受欢迎女艺人         

2014   Best Variety Show Host, Star Awards ‘14
           红星大奖’ 14 最佳综艺主持人        

           Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards‘14
           红星大奖 14 十大最受欢迎女艺人        

2013   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ‘13

2011   First Asia Rainbow TV Awards

           Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ‘11

2010   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ‘10

2009   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ‘09

           Best Host <<2009 华 语 主 持 群 星 会 >>

2008   13th Asia TV Award “Best Entertainmet Presenter Award”

2007   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ‘07

2006   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards‘06

2005   Best Variety Show Host, Star Awards ‘05

           Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards‘05