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Chen Ning

Chen Ning


July 27




Mandarin, English


Hosting, Voice over, Acting

Chen Ning graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Mass Communication in 2012 and National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Communications and New Media in 2016.

She has been counting her lucky stars since landing her DJ break through YES 933’s DJ Hunt in 2010, where she emerged as first runner-up. Since then, she has had the opportunity to take up hosting on Epuff Season 1 & 2, Let’s Talk Season 5, You Made My Day and Usual School etc.

Otherwise, life goes on for the endlessly adventurous soul who bungee jumped in bustling Macau and Chiang Mai, rode along the sequestered roads of Sapa and is up for anything drenched in chilli. In more peaceful times, she enjoys reading a book, watching a film or two and winning in mahjong or bridge games.

Chen Ning believes that everyone is given what each can handle in life, so strive on and live well.




2015 - Unusual Schools 不一样的学校
The Courts Bonus Show家家有 COURTS 赢奖乐

2014 - Let’s Talk 5你在冏什幺?5
You Made My Day 善心乒团

2013 to 2015 - E-Puff 1 & 2娱乐泡芙 1 & 2


2015 - Alien Huang “Forget Me” Autograph Session 黃鴻升《忘了我》签唱会

2013 - Nick Yeo [Actually Love] Autograph Session Nick 姚俊羽 [原来爱] 签唱会
Popu Lady [Keep Keep Loving] Meet & Greet Popu Lady [一直一直爱] 见面会

2012 - When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep] Meet & Greet [南方小羊牧场] 电影见面会
H-TWO-O Ultimate Challenge H-TWO-O 极限挑战