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Ayden Sng

Ayden Sng


November 17




Mandarin, English


Acting, Erhu, Violin, Piano, Modelling

Ayden is a bilingual & musically-gifted talent graduated from Duke University (Durham, NC, USA) and Raffles Institution — he can play the violin,  piano and his achievements as an Er Hu musician was impressive! Ayden was previously a member of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and had experience of being a conductor.

Ayden shines as a lead role in Bryan Wong’s Channel U short film The Playbook, where he plays a Thai nightclub bartender who romances a cancer-stricken Sheila Sim. He then signed on with Mediacorp and starts his acting career in 2019.

Ever since joining the company, Ayden has been receiving lots of love from productions. He is continuously offered important leading roles. For example "Loving You" where he is paired up with Jesseca Liu in this 18 years age gap sister brother relationship and received overwhelming response. Coming July 2020 he will be doing another lead role for a 130 episodes drama where he is paired up with all the top veterans in the industry.

The 28-year-old would be the next big star to look out for in Singapore's entertainment industry!


Drama 电视剧

2021      Leave No Ghost Behind 我家三只鬼 (In Progress)

              Truth About Us (Channel 5) (In Progress)

2020      Loving You 爱...没有距离           

              Remember to Forget 别忘记他
              Recipe of Life 味之道 

2019       The Wedding Survival Handbook (Toggle) 
               The Play Book 爱本
               Wonder Kiss 神奇之吻
               Old Is Gold 老友万岁

2018      Walk with Me   谢谢你出现在我行程里

Movie 电影

2021     The FateKeeper  寻龙少年 (Pending release date)

2020    Frontline Connects (Resident guest)

2019   Thumbs Up Senior 学长学姐好样的